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When I turn 60, I hope someone will throw me a party.

Well, dear readers, I woke up with a headache and flashes of scenes from my dad’s 60th party last night.  I guess I was a bit more tipsy than I thought.  I called my brother.  Today is his birthday.  After serenading him with my children singing and dogs howling, we reminisced about the previous night.  I said, “I hope I wasn’t acting too buzzed, because, you know, I hope I didn’t embarrass myself.”  Oh no, he said, quite the contrary.  Turns out I am quite fun.  Sometimes my brother knows just the right things to say to me.  “My favorite,” he said, “was when you went off about how awesome it was that that guy knew so much about water.”  Okay, let me tell you…a really old friend of my dad’s was there and he mentioned something about having to go to work later.  I inquired where he worked and- get this – he works at the city water plant.  He’s worked there 36 years!  Seriously, I thought it was intriguing.  I wanted to know how the water was filtered, if it was reverse osmosis, which by the way it isn’t, and I wanted to know what he thought about the surrounding cities water.  You think it’s dull, I’m sure, but I found it interesting.  I just remember saying over and over, “imagine the wealth of knowledge about water.”  Too funny.  Anyway, I just know some of you are dying for more photos of the party and I found a few that I like:

My dad and younger bro

Uncle John. His cup is empty.

The movie star

Looking at old photos

My dad and the movie star dancing.

My dad's uncle Wally. he's 94.

Uncle Wally dancing with the movie star.

Opening a b-day present from L(my dd). Note: the bag was a barbie b-day bag! Too cute!

That’s it.

So, today I stayed home for most of the day, cleaning.  I even cleaned L’s room.  I mean, I was so motivated you’d never had known I woke with a headache!  I told L that she needs to keep her room clean.  she said, “I prefer it messy.”  I am not kidding, she really said that!  Later, when I told her she had 10 minutes until time to get ready for bed, she said, “well, that’s still a good amount of time.”  Holy schmoley, just how old is she?

I also took Charlie to his very first obedience training at pet smart.  Let’s just say, he wasn’t very obedient.  He was put on ‘time out’ numerous times.  I didn’t even know you could put dogs on time outs. Ha. Well, I came home with a clicker, treats, and notes – homework so we’ll come better behaved next week.  L said, “does he love school?”  I said, “He loves the other students.”

Anyway, till tomorrow…


whew, I’m beat.

Knit. Sew. Felt. Embroider.  These are the things I am doing for my upcoming grand opening at A Handmade Princess.  The big date is going to be February 3, 2010.  And, drumroll, I chose banner #1.  Thanks for voting!

While I’ve been doing all that, I’ve also been preparing for DD’s birthday party, which was today (her birthday is this coming Wed.).  Last night and early this morning, I knit a flower head warmer, baked a castle cake, made flower shaped jello jigglers, made pink cream cheese, made pink cream cheese heart shaped sandwiches, dipped strawberries in chocolate, sewed buttons, read some blogs, watched Sherlock Holmes, put up the decorations, made tulle gift bags, and tidied the house.


So, here’s a recap in photos:

the jello jigglersthe pink cream cheese

the cakes bakingattempting the castle cake

the kids laughing at my attemptDH taking over

we used 3 and a half tubs of icingtake home gifts

waiting for the guests to arrive

The party:

What we did:

made crowns and wands (used burger king crowns and craft supplies we already had for the rest)

read The Princess and Frog (rented from the library)

played pin the kiss on the frog game (DS drew the picture of the frog and lips)

had a dance party and played freeze dance.  In princess terms, we had a ball.

ate lunch: heart shaped pink cream cheese sandwiches, flower shaped jello jigglers, pizza, chocolate dipped strawberries, pink lemonade

sang happy birthday and ate castle cake

opened presents

played and read more princess books

All decorations handmade by me 😀

voila, a handmade princess party.

Wii House Party

Remember I told you about my wii house party?  Remember they gave me two free wii games?  And coupons to get free jello mouse?  And all I had to do was have a party with the stuff they sent me?  Well, kids, I did it.  But I did it play date style.  Here ya go:

Birthday party preparations…

My dd is turning 4 in 19 days.  She’s been talking about this girl-only princess party for only, like, the last year.  Every day, I swear.  So, we have lots to do.  (oh. and also because remember – I am on a homemade only resolution for the year.)

So far, I have knit some flags that I plan to embroider happy birthday.  Also, I made fabric flags with her name on them.

Dude, they’re so cute.  Check em out:

Having a house party, woot woot.

Have you ever heard of house parties?  I’m not talking about the ones you had in high school when your parents were out of town.  I’m talking about this new way of advertising.  What you do is have a party and the house party peeps send you all the stuff to have the party.  The point of it is that it’s advertising by word of mouth.  So, I have the party with the stuff they send me and the people I invite want what I got so they go and buy it.  And they tell their friends and their friends tell their friends.  So anyway, I’m having a get fit party.  And they sent me TWO Wii games!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND coupons to get free mousse by jello.  and headbands.  and 10.00 off coupons for said wii games.  Here’s a pic of what I got:

Woot woot, I’m having a partayyyyy.  Want to have your own party?  Go to houseparty.com.  Totally legit, totally awesome! (and you don’t have to buy anything and your friends don’t have to buy anything.)

Sushi party


I’ve had this sushi stationary for years and have talked about having a sushi party all that time.  Well, I finally did it.  Used the stationary as invites.  My mom helped me plan it and organize it. She said I have a wonderful life.  And she’s right.  Great kids, husband, dogs, and some super rad friends that make me laugh (and some even oblige when I say come in sushi eatin’ attire).  Good times, good times.  …note: these are all stay at home mamas; word to the motha that can partay!

ETA: here’s a pic of my mom and her special sushi dress (it’s kind of a whack pic, but I wish I would’ve taken a better pic of her dress.  She was beautiful.):


Happy b-day America.

It was just one of those days that rocked it.  


kids playing with Charlie.

kids playing with Charlie.


Blowin' bubbles.

Blowin' bubbles.


Look at that!

Look at that!


Tough guy with lil' pup.

Tough guy with lil' pup.

Chillin' and illin'

Chillin' and illin'


Watching the fireworks.

Watching the fireworks.


setting up the fireworks.

setting up the fireworks.

an assistant was needed.

an assistant was needed.

and..bam bam bam.

and..bam bam bam.


Time to watch the big fireworks.

Time to watch the big fireworks.



Doesn't my family rock?

Doesn't my family rock?