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A naughty dog, a shopping addiction, and a clean & painted house.

Darnit Charlie, why do you have to be so naughty?  Yesterday, at obedience training, I was trying to get Charlie’s attention, but he was trying to escape and check out the other dogs and so I was making silly noises to get him to think I’m more interesting than the other dogs (as if!!) and all of a sudden I hear someone say my name.  I’m kneeling on the floor, at Charlie’s level so he’d see me – it didn’t work! – and so there I was looking up at my husband’s friends staring down at me, on the floor like a dog, making squealing noises, and obviously completely clueless of how to get my dog to listen to me.  Oh. My. God. My face went red.  And I just said, “oh Charlie, he’s so naughty.” And then they walked away.  Charlie was put on three time outs, which is better than last week.  He is succeeding at the command “sit,” but only when other dogs are not around.  Phsaw, I hope this dog makes a complete turn around before the end of the training (in six weeks).

Anyhoo, I have been in such a thrifting mood, or rather a shopping mood.  I went to Kohls.  Ack.  I had a full cart, tried everything on, and put everything back!  I deserve a pat on the back, because I did the same thing at Target.  True, it’s complete torture and I may one of these days just completely fall off my recycled/reused-only wagon, but still.

Here are some of my finds (at the thrift store, thank you very much.):

And I suddenly got in a painting mood and painted this mirror I bought red!

Which consequently got me to paint the previously blue table GREEN!! And the bottom half of the wall a darker brown. (my dearest hubs finally put in the shoe molding, but I have yet to paint that)

I’ve been busy, eh?

Well, and then I designed a new banner, avatar, fabric tags, and business cards for A Handmade Princess.  I’ve attached some vintage button & lace pins:

What do you think?

And, of course, I cleaned.  With a helper.  (Doesn’t it seem like I am always cleaning?)


It’s all your fault, snow!

Snow my God.  My house, my poor little house that we’ve been fixing up with bathrooms, and siding, and roofs, and gardens, well, my poor little house is still a poor little house.  And it’s the snow’s fault.  It’s been snowing and snowing and snowing and melting and then snowing.  I mean, can you imagine the roads?  Well, now our gutters are one big ice damn and it’s melting into the sliding glass doorway.  I thought it peculiar when I found the screen covered with icicles and the faint sound of a drip.  Turns out, it’s melting on the outside and inside of the glass door.  Just great.  Now, besides snow, who else can we blame?  The roofers?  The siding guys?

And I know everything is fixable.  I know we’ll get it figured out.  But I was really hoping to save that tax return.  Or, buy a camera.  or a sewing machine.

Anyway, what I need is a cute photo fix.

and these will do (my dd, L, wearing overalls, a belt, and high heels.)

Here it is, the new siding….


Remember, Cypress by Certainteed.

I lurve it!!!!

Daddy tore down the porch.

Not because he was mad or anything.  Just because it was about to fall apart anyway.  And since we’re getting new siding one of these days (they were supposed to start today, but didn’t show :() we thought it’d be as good a time as any 🙂


Last week, he replaced the sink faucet.  *swoon*

One day, this house is gonna be perty!

I have a story to tell – it’s about my steps.

If you’ve been reading this blog (thank you) you know that I have the renovator bug.  Soon, new siding.  But yesterday…..tadah…new steps.

Here’s a pretty good shot of what they looked like BEFORE:


(See all that concrete patch work?  Yeah, that’s not something I am proud of (I obviously did it myself))

Well, I am so lucky my brother and dad wanted to help (it was more like me bugging them, but I love em anyway).  Here’s how it all happened:


I have a newfound respect for these guys – THEY BUSTED THEIR ASSES!  and I have to say, it is the most beautiful part about my house, on the outside and at the moment.  Thanks guys!

choosing color.

Some you remember when the ants invaded, I definitely do.  I’ve been a wreck thinking about what is behind the siding.  I haven’t seen the ants since I doused them with ant killer, but I’m curious about the damage they had done.  Maybe it was a fluke and there is no damage, but I can only wish.  The ant invasion has ignited a desire to “fix” up my house.  I’d like to re-do my steps, which are at an angle and if you’re not careful when it’s raining you might slide off, but first I need to get to the bottom of the ant ordeal, and that starts with the siding.  The lucky thing is that we had a hail storm here last year and everyone had their roofs and siding done.  We just had our roof done, because we had had ivy on the side of our house a long while ago that left little prongs so you can’t see dents in the siding.  The insurance guys didn’t want to spend the time looking through the prongs for the dents so they said they’d reassess the damage if I had other professionals confirm that there were indeed dents.  After the ant invasion, I became assertive in finding dents.  I spent hours at all different times of the day, to use the different lighting, and found bunches of dents.  I had an estimate done and then the adjuster came to reassess and sure enough he confirmed my findings.  I haven’t received the 100% yes we are getting siding, but I can’t contain myself from looking for new colors.  Here are my choices so far:









This is not my house.  I have a smaller cape cod, with brick on one side (and ivy on the brick).  There’s brown trim, gutters, shutters, and window wrappings.  and a brown and reddish roof.  What do you think?  olive green is the color I’d like to have, but I can’t find it anywhere.
Other fix up plans:
wire house 
tear down and replace porch
new window 
a 2nd bathroom 
so much to do, so much to do….