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it’s the little things.

Laundry has been folded and put away (still looks better in b&w).

We made homemade pizza.

Had Friday Play Group.

L asked me what her valentine sucker said and so I told her, “Kiss Me.”  She said, “mmmkay.”

We spent about a half hour at the DMV, until I realized they only took cash or check and I didn’t have either and I don’t know the pin to my card.  So, we left (and I still have yet to get my licensed renewed).  Worse, I had to follow through with my bribe to get L to behave at said DMV (and she was a good girl!), so we also had McDonalds for lunch.  Eeek.

Highlight of the day: when L asked me if I loved her and I said yes, of course, and she replied with an ecstatic “yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.”

Off to knit and watch a movie with my hottiepatotie man…

Oh, but before I do, I have to include this video that I have watched over and over today.  You may not think it’s funny, but I do and I just about peed my pants the first time I saw it.  Note: it’s inappropriate for work and children. (I don’t know how to embed it, so just click link)



I am so proud of myself for…

turning this:











into this:


I did it, I did it. waaaahhooooo.

Now, don’t you ever say I just sit on my arse all day long.

I also had a root canal today!

SAHM searching for SAHMs.

Know what that means?  Stay At Home Mom.  SAHM.  Another world, I must say.  Have you ever been to the grocery store in the middle of the morning?  Well, let’s just say if you have been, I bet you don’t dare ever go on a weekend morning again.  And traffic in the middle of the day?  Non existent.  These are just the perks of being a stay at home mom.  That, and library events.  I mentioned before that meeting mommas online is essential to building your play date black book, but the library is the church of the SAHM congregation.  Anyway, my point is: there are many perks to being a SAHM and the library in the middle of the morning is one of them;  free story times, free books, movies, and entertainment – what else could you ask for?