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Does your kid want a new book?

Check it out yo! If you have a 1st-6th grader and want an incentive for them to read, read, read this summer, check out this link: http://images.bn.com/pimages/bn-junior/resources/2009/Summer_Reading_Journal.pdf

After they read so many books, they write mini reports on them and then turn it in to a Barnes and Noble for a free book!


Garden time.

The tomatoes are starting to grow.  yipeee.


It’s rained all week and all of a sudden my garden is a veggie jungle:


Tonight, I had lettuce and spinach salad (from my garden), with Goddess dressing:



You know what rocks?  Having a kid that rocks.  Check it out, yo!  My kid is a total bad ass, with a mohawk to prove it. 

(Actually, I am surprised he let me do this to him, he usually insists on going to great clips, even for a trim.) (and yup, I did this.  Who’s next?  I charge…NOTHING!  It’s a great stress reliever shaving heads.  lol)