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craft show & goodwill

Saturday, I had another craft show. It was busy, but slow for me. If that made sense. The lady next to me, with her knock off Coach & Gucci purses, made a killing. I sold 2 fingerless mitts, a pumpkin hat, two pixie adult hats, and I got a custom order for a newborn baby set. Not too bad, but I spent all of my profit on some alpaca wool at a different booth. Ack, I am such a yarn freak! Here’s my blurry shot of my booth:


I learned a bunch this past weekend. Mainly,
1. Get up, don’t knit, talk to the peeps. They’ll buy more!!
2. Try & focus your efforts on 3 things. Having too many different items is overwhelming. I think I’ll keep diversity in my shop, but for shows, I’ll focus on streamlining.

Oh. And I was thinking, ‘everyone knits.’ Right? So, I think it’s high time I started to learn how to spin & hand dye. And also, I need to get all of my patterns written down. I’ve started taking photos of complicated things I do, so I am getting there….


Today, I went shopping at Goodwill. I love Goodwill. I haven’t had me a good trip to the Goodwill in a while though. I decided I have enough vintage sheets – and anyway, they’re starting to charge 5.99 and upwards for them – so I made a bee line for the dresses. And wouldn’tyaknowit, I ran into someone I knew. So, we gabbed and gabbed and gabbed some more. All gossip about the school system. See, once you become a parent, that’s just what happens. You gab and gossip about the whats and whys and doings of the school system, because you pay taxes and your kids go there doggonit, so you’ve got a say. RIGHT? Right. Anyway, the conversation got me all charged and ultimately gave me some good Goodwill juju.

I ended up with a Bitter coat (by SJP – that line is no longer available, so this was a major FIND!!), Gap jeans, and a Target sweater. All for under 20 dollahs. So, here I am modeling it for ya:


Tomorrow, I take the test for the city clerk position. I am so nervous!! I went to the library and got books on grammar. I’ve taken the sample tests and it isn’t looking good. I’m just not a test person. I panic. I sweat. My hands get a clammy and my mind goes blank. So, wish me luck for tomorrow.

❤ mommarocks


Hello, it’s me.

Hey homies. I love summer!!!! I am not going to count the days until the end. Oh no. I am going to keep on keeping on….
Here’s what’s been goin’ on:
*It was our turn for Cooking Club. (Our theme was a Luau. We even did the LIMBO!)

*Doesn’t this look yummy?:

*We had the kids over, too, this time.

*I put some new items in the shop.

*DS’s baseball team all of sudden got really good the last couple of games. We won this game. The coach is pointing to all of the kids who made awesome plays. It really was exciting. They made it to the game before the championship game. But that was still pretty good. (considering the season. shh, I didn’t say that.)

*My niece came to one of the games. I think she was good luck. Here she is with DD:

*I have been working on my own knit designs. Here is a simple harter top. I am going to add fabric to make it into a little hippie top that can be a dress for a toddler and a top for older kids.

*Of course, I have been working in the garden. Does anyone know what this succulent is called (1st & last pic)? It started as just a little succulent close to the ground and then boom this year it is tall. I hope it does something fun next year, too. (I hope it doesn’t die.) (p.s. middle pic is lavender.)

*Look, my little baby is this close to riding a bike without training wheels.

*And look at this – she also finished T-ball this week. Her team won. So did the other team. (That’s how T-ball rolls ’round here.)

*We went to Valleyfair. (Amusement park)

*DH is the only one that rides the rollercoasters. The rest of us ride the kiddie rides:

*I made chalkboards for the kids. This is my new (& brilliant) chore chart idea.

*And last, but not least, I sewed a table cloth. It is custom fit and with ruffles! I am oh so proud.

**********That’s all dudes & dudettes. I’ll be back again soon….. xxoo mommarocks

Mothers day with my peeps.

Today is Mother’s day. I always feel like it’s a bonus birthday day. I always get a present and I always get to do what I want for the day. And I wanted to go to the Shepherd’s Wool Festival.
I was so giddy.
And overwhelmed.
And it was weird, but I felt like I was with my “peeps.”
I’ve never felt like that before.
I’ve never been so ‘into’ something before.
I’ve always been a dabbler. I’ll probably always be a dabbler.
But now I am a full on KNITTER.
Yo knitters, represent.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I must get back to knitting the sweater pattern I just started. It’s something I am actually making myself. I hardly ever.

Happy Mother's Day!

Totally Cool Tuesday

I cannot believe it’s been a week since I last posted. I’ve been on the net; it’s not like I’ve been ignoring the bloghood.

So, what’s my dealio?

Well, it has been kinda busy ’round here.

I’ve been knitting tons, because a friend of mine is having a Fundraiser Boutique in April.

It’s the same boutique I knit for last year. I sell my stuff, then give a portion to two different charities. The charities, if you’re interested, are Hope Academy & Freedom Firm. Two very great organizations. Click on their links. I’m very proud to be a part of the boutique because of them, but also because my friend puts it on and she is a totally awesome artist & also I do make a little money myself. What I am saying is that it is a win win situation, if ya know what I mean and I think that you do.

Knitting takes up a lot of my time, but so does partying!


Here’s me drinking beer out of a boot. (and I’m using this pic as my Project 52, pictures of me. Not really connected to parenting, but it’s the only picture of me from the last 2 weeks.)

It’s this game you play at this German bar in Nordeast. You take turns sipping, if you don’t flick the side or if you get splashed, you drink again. The person who finishes it buys a new one and the game starts again until everyone is totally blitzed. But we only did one round, so no worries! I refused to be the last to finish it, I was starting to get the heebies from all that back wash, if you must know.

But besides partying, I’ve been having play dates galore. Well, not galore. But I did have one.

I saw a friend’s new weee little baby and made him a knitted gnomey hat.

Oh and we got snowed in and I didn’t change out of my pajamas for two days. It snowed 2 feet!!! I don’t have any pictures of that. I am pretty mad at snow right now. It was so nice, I fell into the trap of believing spring was near. I saw grass!!!!!! I was starting to draw out plans for the gardens. I was making plans for decorating the deck. I was making a calendar of summer events. Then, BAM! 2 feet of snow. Reality check. Spring will be here in 3 months, not 3 days. Ugh. So, I am tired of snow. Tired of pictures of snow. Tired of winter.

YET! I could never get tired of my dear daughter getting dressed up on her daddy’s winter gear:

Could there be anything more totally cool? Uhh, no.

So, there ya have it.

What do you think is totally cool?

Totally Cool Tuesdays

Hello blog darlins.
I just have to tell you that school is going better for my ds. I’ve been volunteering on Tuesdays (and skipping my beloved playgroup – wahhh. But it’s for a good cause and only temporary) at his school. His teacher asked me if I’d do a book club with the kiddos (they’re 4th grade) and I said heck ya. It’s totally voluntary on their part. And guess what – they all wanted to do it!!! So, they had to break it up into 4 groups and ask for more volunteers. I mean, that’s totally cool, right? The book we’re reading is Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. It’s actually quite a sad book, about world war 2 and the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. I’m going to ask the kids if they want to make cranes and send them to the Hiroshima Peace Museum. Here’s a cool link, if you’re interested:

Yes, that’s totally cool. But I have some other cool stuff for ya…

I knit. And I like it a lot. I’m always on the search for inspiration and cool patterns and such. I’m starting to design my own patterns now. This is something that would’ve boggled my mind even just a year ago. Anyway, I found a cool link where you can upload a picture of something you want to knit and it converts it to an actual pattern. Here, just check it out: Knitpro.

And since I was on the theme of knitting being totally awesome, I thought I’d share a pattern I found via the web: hair curlers.

Well, back to the daily grind….Have a TOTALLY COOL TUESDAY!
Link up with the blog buttons if ya want (side bar ——>>>>>). And then comment in the comment section and I will be by to say hi.


Design Vertigo…

Check it out. My (knit) stuff is in #5, #14, & #20.
This is one of the shops where I sell consignment knit accessories. And they did this fabulous photo shoot and now my stuff is up on their web. Um, too cool (and I couldn’t wait for Totally Cool Tuesdays)

New Years Eve (and a knitting project)

I’m in a collage kind of mood (especially since I am procrastinating on the cleaning).

Here was our New Years Eve. We watched the ball drop at 11 and then it was g’night all. (’tis kinda what happens when ya have kids…or just because)

Here was my last knitting project of 2010. I finished it just before 11. I made it with Noro yarn. Have you ever used Noro yarn? O.M.G. I am in loooove. (it’s silk & wool) Too bad it costs 20.00 a skein. yes, that’s right 20.00. But I had a gift certificate, so I thought I’d go for it. And I’m so glad I did.

p.s. I used this pattern and shortened it up a bit and added buttons.