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A project for da boy

Dear Daughter got a fairy, Dear Son got a DSi Cozy.

These are the perks of having a knitty momma.

And here she is…(plus a bonus joke)

Miss Fairy Belle

I kinda want to keep her for myself.


Anyway, the birds have been showing up lately.  Must be the big bag of birdseed I recently bought.

And the tomatoes have been growing like mad. ¬†There hasn’t even been any sun for days upon days. Just rain.

My ds told me a funny joke today. ¬†I think he really made it up. ¬†Really. ¬†Because he’s brilliant. ¬†I also got his report card in the mail today. ¬†Let me just say, he doesn’t get it from me. ¬†:):) Anyway, here’s the joke:

Why did the fish cross the ocean?

To get to the other tide.

funny, right?

momma’s new stuff

Peonies. Peonies. How I love the Peonies.

Thrifty find of the week:

(Not the kid, of course, but the iron bench and outdoor ottoman.)

and I think my woes have been settled in the dining area (notice how I didn’t say dining room? well, it’s really just a walk through to the kitchen). ¬†It’s been a never ending drama filled area, with me never satisfied with the new arrangements. ¬†Well, darlings, I think that’s all done now (the drama), because this area is now PERFECTO!!!!

Here’s the before:

and now….drumroll…..tadahhhhh, the after:

p.s. as I was writing this, my dd asked me if she could go back in my belly. ¬†She’s 4, wears a size 6, and weighs 35lbs. ¬†I said sure. ¬†She then tried to put her head in my belly button. ¬†Kids are so funny!

hiking and a wedding

This was the very first time that we left when we said we were going to leave. 9:00am. On the dot. Never mind that we had to turn around after 5 minutes, because I forgot my ds’ inhaler.

But yes, it was a successful hiking adventure. ¬†We also forgot the hiking stroller (but didn’t turn around for that), yet it wasn’t a problem at all.

Then, we found a really cool sculpture garden.

Next, we went to lunch.

And then, to a wedding reception.

The kids had fun on the dock.

and then they terrorized the bride and groom.

So you can imagine how tired they were (especially after all of the jellybeans and sugar sodas)

(that’s my ds sleeping cozily with his orange soda)

Playground fun

On Mother’s day, we went for a walk and then we took a really long nap. ¬†It was the perfect day, because before that we went to brunch at French Meadow, which is my favorite place to eat. ¬†Anyway, I finally brought my camera along.

1. The kids always eat 1/2 fruit & nut pancake and 1/2 cinnamon bagel each

2. I love the breakfast quesadilla

3. on the trail

4. -7. playground fun

8. self timer.

9. my apple tree in the spring.

The Spring Boutique is this weekend

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been busy knitting and knitting, so much so that my knitting peeps had a bit of intervention with me. You see, my hands have been going numb at night. They said it’s unnatural the amount of knitting I’ve been doing. ¬†But I want my inventory to be quite sufficient enough at the show. ¬†I want to be able to donate some cashage to good causes and also take a bit home for myself. ¬†After that, I will take a small break from knitting, or go a bit more slowly. ¬†I’ve been thinking about a cabled handbag for weeks now. ¬†I might just do a few rows a day or week, whatever I fancy. ¬†And whatever doesn’t sell at the show will be put in the shop.

Anyways, besides Knitting I’ve also been going to birthday parties.

For my niece, who turned 4.

and a girlfriend, who turned 30.

I went to an award ceremony for my ds, who won two trophies and a scholarship for bowling. (He’s on the right and his buddy is on the left)

Well, lovelies, I’ll be writing again after the show to tell you how it went…

Till then, xxoo, momma

my love affair with the library is back on.

Have you been on the edge of the seat, wondering if my library card worked or not? ¬†Well, IT DID!!! I got books. ¬†yay!!! ¬†So, I’m in love with the library again. ¬†All is good in the world now.

So, after getting a buttload of books at the library, my dd and I went to the hot dog stand, because yay! it is open. ¬†That’s the first sign of spring/summer – the hot dog stand being open. ¬†Usually, the tulips aren’t up yet, but since the weather has been so nice, those are up, too, and everything just feels so right in the world. ¬†I wish I could put my seeds in the ground. ¬†I cannot wait!!! ¬†Anyway, at the hot dog stand, which by the way my ds and I are volunteering at tomorrow (moneys go to his school!!!), an old lady came up to me and my dd and said, “two peas in a pod,” very matteroffactly. ¬†“Well, yes, indeed we are,” I replied. ¬†And it’s totally true. ¬†My mom says I am her best friend and I think my daughter is my best friend, too. ¬†Doesn’t the thought of that just make you smile?

Well, and my ds is my bestie, too.

So, I decided to do a mini photo shoot: