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momma’s sticking to resolutions.

I’ve been knitting, of course.

Here’s a coffee mug cozy I made for dh:

That was my first attempt at cabling.  It was easier than I thought.

I’ve also been on my detox.  Well, I am finished now.  It was just four days, but a gruesome four days. Kidding (kind of).  It went well; my ability to not munch on crap all day (like I normally do).  It was a great test of my will power.  To know you have control is quite empowering.  Funny how little things like having control over what you put in your mouth everyday keep your spirits strong.

Day one back into the swing of things (post detox) and I had pizza, cheesy tortillas, and chocolate.  I am so naughty.  So much for will power, right?  But I think how my intestines were wreaking havoc was exactly what I deserved.  And so, at dinner, I made spinach with almond crusted chicken (a healthy, detox friendly recipe) with a sprinkle of cheese on top.  I thought the kids were going to detest.  But, like I’ve said before, my kids aren’t normal kids.  Look what happened:



Pretty impressive, right?

Anyway, the detox was a good start to tweaking my diet (and my kids’).  No more pizza and cheesy quesadillas.  Except on Fridays.  Because, well, that’s our tradition.  😀

Oh. Guess what.  I need a new pair of jeans.  I have a hole in the inner thigh.  Pooh. They’re my favorite jeans.  But I made a pledge to buy only handmade, recycled, or reused.  So, A-Ha, I had an idea!  Patch it.  I know you’re thinking, ‘duh. hello.’, but, hey, I used to buy new undies when laundry was overdue.  Okay, well, not recently, but there was a time.

I haven’t gotten out my handy dandy sewing machine in a while.  I was thinking of where to plug it when I remembered I had some iron on patches.  Niiiice.  I am TOTALLY sticking to my resolution. Yay me, I rock.

Here’s a shot of my inner thigh:

Lovely, isn’t it?


4 day Detox

As you know, I am doing a four day detox that started yesterday.  I am hungry.  Really hungry.  And, for some weird sadistic reason, I have been watching the food channel all day.

Anyway, it’s not that I haven’t eaten.  I have.  It’s just not the crap I like.  I’ve been drinking fruit/veggie loaded smoothies in the morning, a healthy lunch, and a smoothie for dinner.  in between, I have been eating celery, beets, and tangerines.

I feel my belly tightening.

I wish.

But I am very proud of being able to sustain my cravings.  So, I do have will power.  I never knew that.  I never believed that.  Right now, I want pizza and chocolate.  yesterday I wanted a cheese sandwich and diet coke.  Tomorrow, perhaps I will crave beets?  It’s supposed to happen somewhat like that.  I think.

Ultimately, I am gaining control of my body.  I am breaking you, food.

2 more days and then I will start the next part of the life change diet.  Is anyone else following along? detox

Here’s a picture of what I had for lunch today.  Broiled tuna topped with a bean & tomato salad.

this one deserves some home cooked soup.

Tonight was the first night I ever cooked with leeks.  I had to look up on you tube how to cut them.  Did you know they grow in the sand and so you need to slice them in half to almost the end of the root and fan them out while under running water so you can get all of the grit out? Quite interesting, eh?

Well, I cute them into 1 inch slices and sauteed in some oil while I cut the potatoes and butternut squash into cubes.

Next, I put in half a package of bacon that I sliced thinly.

Then, I threw the prepared potatoes and squash in to saute as well, with a few pinches of thyme, salt, and pepper.

After everything seemed a bit softened (and my house smelled uber yummy), I poured in 2 cans of broth.

I let it simmer, covered, for about 20 minutes – until all of the veggies were soft and easy to mash – while I baked some garlic bread sticks.

Then, I mashed it with a potato masher, poured in a cup of half and half, let sit for one minute and served with the bread sticks.

Voila, my darlings.  Winter Vegetable Chowder (with bacon).  (per savingdinner.com)

ETA: I am taking back the camera.  Why am I so impulsive?  I should save the gift cards for gardening supplies in the spring & summer.  We’ll see, they’re just burning a hole in my pocket.

momma’s teaching the kid to cook.

and he likes it!  Today, he told me he feels “older.”  Aww, my lil guy is growin’ up.  Anyway, today he made grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen pizza (small steps, people!).

This, my friends, is why I still have the baby weight (after almost 4 years).

Here’s the recipe:

1/2 c butter

2 mushed bananas

1/2 c sour cream

2 eggs

2 c flor

1ts baking soda

1/2ts salt

3/4 c sugar

1 c chocolate chips

preheat oven 350

grease loaf pan

beat sugar, softened butter, banana, sour cream and eggs

stir in flour, baking soda, and salt

mix in chocolate chips

pour into pan

bake approx. 55 mins

cool 15 mins

eat 2 huge pieces. and then feel really guilty that you indulged in something so fabulously tasting that you wrap up the rest and tell your husband to take it to work with him in the morning.

grocery shoppin’

I haven’t posted my adventures in grocery shopping for a while.  We’ve been affected by the recession and I’ve been trying to figure out how best to budget for food.  For the last couple of months, we’ve been buying here and there.  But then I perused a cookbook I had kept, called Saving Dinner, and decided to try and give it a go again.  I love it, because it gives you week by week meals with recipes and shopping lists.  And every meal is very nutritious, lots of veggies, not too much meat, and soup and crock pot meals every week.  Here’s a week’s worth of groceries for Winter (oh yeah, and they’re broken up into seasons!!), week 6 (for 100.00 and that’s including snacks and lunches and the designated meals).  http://savingdinner.com/

Here was the meal plan:

honey mustard glazed chicken with rice and cauliflower
my big fat greek stuffed peppers with baked sweet potato
spiced fish with cilantro and lime with mashed potato and kale
skillet turkey jambalaya with salad
cream of broccoli cheddar soup with salad and home made rolls
crock pot tuscan chicken and beans with salad

And we had tons!!! of leftovers.

(and yes, that’s diet coke.  I fell of the wagon again.  you know, just the diet coke wagon.  not the spiked version!)

sun dried tomatoes

During the summer, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough tomatoes.  But alas, in came the end of summer.  Since I plucked all of the green ones and let them ripen on the counter, I’ve run out of things to make with them.  I already made 2 batches of salsa.  So, I decided to sun ripen them.

The sun hasn’t been out and it is freeeezing, so I did it the oven method.

I cut the tomatoes in half, placed cut side up on a baking sheet, sprinkled with kosher salt, and baked at 200 degrees for 5 hours (it can take up to 12 hours, but since I had little ones, it didn’t take as long).


That many tomatoes made just enough for half a sandwich baggie.  They store indefinitely, but I have plans for them for Thanksgiving, so stay tuned…