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Easter egg huntin.

And I made ham and homemade rolls.  Granted, the ham was fully cooked anyway, but I added some pineapple, cloves, and brown sugar for some extra flavor. Yum.

Dinner Linner Brunch was scrumptious. (what do you call it when you eat at 2?)

And my sweet, sweet main squeeze got me some flowers. awww.

whew, I’m beat.

Knit. Sew. Felt. Embroider.  These are the things I am doing for my upcoming grand opening at A Handmade Princess.  The big date is going to be February 3, 2010.  And, drumroll, I chose banner #1.  Thanks for voting!

While I’ve been doing all that, I’ve also been preparing for DD’s birthday party, which was today (her birthday is this coming Wed.).  Last night and early this morning, I knit a flower head warmer, baked a castle cake, made flower shaped jello jigglers, made pink cream cheese, made pink cream cheese heart shaped sandwiches, dipped strawberries in chocolate, sewed buttons, read some blogs, watched Sherlock Holmes, put up the decorations, made tulle gift bags, and tidied the house.


So, here’s a recap in photos:

the jello jigglersthe pink cream cheese

the cakes bakingattempting the castle cake

the kids laughing at my attemptDH taking over

we used 3 and a half tubs of icingtake home gifts

waiting for the guests to arrive

The party:

What we did:

made crowns and wands (used burger king crowns and craft supplies we already had for the rest)

read The Princess and Frog (rented from the library)

played pin the kiss on the frog game (DS drew the picture of the frog and lips)

had a dance party and played freeze dance.  In princess terms, we had a ball.

ate lunch: heart shaped pink cream cheese sandwiches, flower shaped jello jigglers, pizza, chocolate dipped strawberries, pink lemonade

sang happy birthday and ate castle cake

opened presents

played and read more princess books

All decorations handmade by me 😀

voila, a handmade princess party.

Happy New Year.

I knit a wine cozy for the hosts of tonight’s kegger.  My dh and I have not been out on New Years in forevahhh.  I am sooo stoked!

Want to make one, too?  Click here for the pattern.

’tis the season.

‘Tis the season.  Our bathroom was supposed to be finished by Christmas eve, but, of course, it wasn’t (they didn’t even work that week and so I have no updated photos. sorry.).  Even though I had told the workers I planned on having the children’s festivities in the basement and they had said ‘don’t worry, if we aren’t finished we’ll make sure it’s kid proof.’  But, of course, they didn’t.  I didn’t let that dampen my spirits and I just cleaned around their stinkin’ mess and gated away their tools.  Yet, despite my holiday glee, I found every reason to show off the shitty job so I’d have some justification to bitch at them on Monday.  Monday is in two days, we’ll see if I am brave enough or if I chicken out and have my dh do it.

Anyway, yes, the holiday glee was in full swang.  My mom is in Florida, woe is me, and she usually takes charge of the event.  With her so far away, we made it a joint effort; my brothers and me and my dad had a potluck (which, by the way, my dad told me he didn’t know what a potluck was. Umm, I think he must’ve been kidding.)  We had pizza bread (our family tradition), lasagna, cookies galore, banana cream and apple pies, pinwheels, oysters, crackers and cheese, and I just realized that our sole vegetable that evening was spinach dip.  Ha.

Oh, but it almost didn’t happen, because Christmas eve was the peak of our winter storm, thank you very much mother earth.  And it’s still snowing as I write.  Craziness.  Total wet snow.  See, we’re used to dry snow here, but this is wet, heavy, snowman making snow.  Yet, can you believe I didn’t get a picture of the half made snowman my kids left out in the yard?

All was good though, because my dad told me and I thus told the kids that the more snow, the faster santa is.  I mean, makes perfect sense, right?  Santa drives a sleigh.  You can’t drive a fast sleigh without lots and lots of snow.

Let me just say, I love the santa lie.  I am always conflicted around this time of year about whether I should just straight out tell the kids there’s no such guy, but the cuteness of it all just conquers those thoughts.  I mean, the anticipation is so exciting, even for me, even though I know THE TRUTH.  Check out this picture of my dd and nieces looking out the window for santa; they said they even heard jingle bells!

As you can tell, we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, which can be quite the conundrum, but somehow we work it out.  I’m lucky that my dh does the santa thing, because (in his own words) he loves me very, very much.  Let’s just put it this way, I aint ever giving up santa.  Santa will come even after the kids are in college.  😀

Yet, I am always so ashamed every year by how much we go overboard with gifts.  I wish I didn’t feed into the consumerism of Christmas.  I did try and regift, give reused or homemade, but still, it’s quite overwhelming at Christmas.  There’s just so much pressure for it to be perfect.  And yes, it was perfect alright, but I have been pondering my upcoming New years resolution and it’s this: beginning January 1, 2010, I vow to only buy and give homemade, reused, and recycled for gifts, my home, and my wardrobe.  It’s called the utmost challenge and I got the idea from a blog I’ve been reading.  Check it out.  My other resolution is going to be to lose all this baby weight that is almost 4 years old (my dd turns 4 in January.  I mean, I can hardly call it baby weight anymore, ya know.)

Anyhooo, dear blog readers, here are some pictures from my Christmas:

Hope you had a good one, too.

Bunny Nuggets

aw, so adorable.  I made these for a friend of dd’s birthday.

(want to make some yourself? (click))

and I was pleasantly surprised when a mom I talk to while dd is in ballet gave my dd a Christmas present.  How sweet, they’re soaps with her name on them.

birthday girl.

that’s me 🙂

and I got these boots (in brown) from my most awesome husband :


Thanks to all my peeps.

Thanksgiving wasn’t as eventful as I thought it was going to be.  Sure, it was a blast, but what I mean is there wasn’t a need for those place cards after all.   So, I am thankful for that.  I’m also thankful that my mom babysat the night before and I went out on the town with my man.  I think I was blitzed every night of my five day weekend (I had Wed off, too).  I’m thankful for that, too (the five day weekend AND being blitzed).  Oh, I am so bad.

Anyway, I am still in the process of cleaning my house from the Turkey day feast.  We had 8 kids and 8 adults.  The basement was off limits (even though my mom went down there every hour for a few minutes to recuperate), so that means we had 700 square feet for all sixteen peeps and two dogs.  Oy.  Here’s a pic of some of them:

Here are some other pics from the day:

It was a good mixture of family and friends, friends that are like family and family that are like friends.  I’m thankful for the peeps in my life.

No new picture posts of the bathroom, supposedly the workers needed their holiday, too.

whatevs.  (kidding)

But speaking of Holiday, I need to vent about that word.  Dammit, just say happy whatever you celebrate.  Don’t say Happy Holiday.  You say it for every holiday and I just want to hear a Merry Christmas every once in a while, is that too much to ask?  I like it when people say Happy Hanukah, too.  And what’s wrong with saying Happy Thanksgiving?  Doesn’t everyone celebrate that?  geez.  In our house, we celebrate Chrismakkah, so ugh, there.

Okay, vent over.

My friend Jessi said she wanted some knit cupcakes for her play kitchen and I decided to try it.  Here goes:

Almost good enough to eat.  🙂

Oh. Speaking of eating, I went to clip my ds’s finger nails and he had none.  I asked him where they went and he said he bit them off (because he was embarrassed they were so long.  um, when did this become embarrassing?  and um, I feel like a bad mom now).  So, I went to clip his toe nails and those were gone, too.  I asked him if he bit those off, too, and he said no.  Then, he put his head down in shame and said, “yes.”  Um, gross (but kinda funny).