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well, my baby is 4.

Yesterday was her official birthday.  She’s 4.  I’m 34.  And now my biological clock is ticking.  I’m having baby fever early this year (it’s usually in the spring).  Well, can you blame me?  Look at how adorable my kids are:

in her birthday crown

she's 4, but, man, she is soo cool!

F made her origami. and he wrote her a poem! is that sweeet, or what?

Cute kids, right?

okay, F looks a little mad (crazy), but she's adorable.

Yes, as you can see by the pictures, we had a day full of JUNK.  Lunch at McDonalds, dinner at Chuck E Cheese, and dessert at Dairy Queen.  What can I do?  I only ate the pizzahhh at CEC, because helloooo do you not know me?  I loooove pizza!  And I can’t even resist Chuck E Cheese.  😀

Oh. p.s. is anyone else amused by these photos?


whew, I’m beat.

Knit. Sew. Felt. Embroider.  These are the things I am doing for my upcoming grand opening at A Handmade Princess.  The big date is going to be February 3, 2010.  And, drumroll, I chose banner #1.  Thanks for voting!

While I’ve been doing all that, I’ve also been preparing for DD’s birthday party, which was today (her birthday is this coming Wed.).  Last night and early this morning, I knit a flower head warmer, baked a castle cake, made flower shaped jello jigglers, made pink cream cheese, made pink cream cheese heart shaped sandwiches, dipped strawberries in chocolate, sewed buttons, read some blogs, watched Sherlock Holmes, put up the decorations, made tulle gift bags, and tidied the house.


So, here’s a recap in photos:

the jello jigglersthe pink cream cheese

the cakes bakingattempting the castle cake

the kids laughing at my attemptDH taking over

we used 3 and a half tubs of icingtake home gifts

waiting for the guests to arrive

The party:

What we did:

made crowns and wands (used burger king crowns and craft supplies we already had for the rest)

read The Princess and Frog (rented from the library)

played pin the kiss on the frog game (DS drew the picture of the frog and lips)

had a dance party and played freeze dance.  In princess terms, we had a ball.

ate lunch: heart shaped pink cream cheese sandwiches, flower shaped jello jigglers, pizza, chocolate dipped strawberries, pink lemonade

sang happy birthday and ate castle cake

opened presents

played and read more princess books

All decorations handmade by me 😀

voila, a handmade princess party.

Birthday party preparations…

My dd is turning 4 in 19 days.  She’s been talking about this girl-only princess party for only, like, the last year.  Every day, I swear.  So, we have lots to do.  (oh. and also because remember – I am on a homemade only resolution for the year.)

So far, I have knit some flags that I plan to embroider happy birthday.  Also, I made fabric flags with her name on them.

Dude, they’re so cute.  Check em out:

birthday girl.

that’s me 🙂

and I got these boots (in brown) from my most awesome husband :


Cyndi’s birthday…

Yup, today is Cyndi Lauper’s birthday.  And I only know that because it was in US magazine(I know, I know, it’s smut, but who cares!).  But I do adore her and so I thought I’d send out some birthday love with this old school video: (I mean, who else wears shredded newspaper skirts?  How friggin awesome! Luv her!)

Burger madness.

There’s this new hamburger joint in town and my husband has been talking about it for months.  I’m surprised we didn’t go on opening day, but he didn’t want to wait the TWO HOURS!!! I am not kidding.  What’s so special about a burger place, right?  Well, it was his birthday today and so we went there to celebrate.  I’m not one for burgers, I lean more on the vegetarian side, thus  I had a salad.  He had the “white trash burger.”  Seriously?  It had chicken fried bacon, cheese curds, and velveeta.  Gross.  Here’s a picture:


I'm not even pretending this is a good picture, technically or otherwise.

I'm not even pretending this is a good picture, technically or otherwise.

Oh, note the pink think in the middle – it’s a Kentucky flag.  Hmm.