Sushi party


I’ve had this sushi stationary for years and have talked about having a sushi party all that time.  Well, I finally did it.  Used the stationary as invites.  My mom helped me plan it and organize it. She said I have a wonderful life.  And she’s right.  Great kids, husband, dogs, and some super rad friends that make me laugh (and some even oblige when I say come in sushi eatin’ attire).  Good times, good times.  …note: these are all stay at home mamas; word to the motha that can partay!

ETA: here’s a pic of my mom and her special sushi dress (it’s kind of a whack pic, but I wish I would’ve taken a better pic of her dress.  She was beautiful.):



5 responses to “Sushi party

  1. What a wonderful party it was!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the delightful time and the compliment.


  2. Ohh my gosh. I bow down to your ultimate coolness. You rock!

  3. I bet it was a YUMMY party!!

  4. Supah fun! I need to tell you about the pants I almost wore to your party. Actually, I need to show you.

  5. I especially like her shoes!!

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