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Mr. tough takes a nap in the laundry pile.

Jake laying in the laundry. (ew, under the bath mats)

Uhoh, he hears someone at the door. Is it worth it to get up? I mean, he's so cozy and all.

Guess not.

Uhoh Jake, someone stole your spot. Know what they say - move your meat, lose your seat.

Uhoh L, Jake is serious - he wants his spot back. Of course, I had to step in...(just so you know, the dd always, always trumps the dog!)

And while that big pile of laundry was washed and dried, I worked on some corkmeisters. Aren't they cute?

Happy March.

I live in this really whack community where it gets so cold in the winter that when it spikes to the 30s, it’s like summer.  Only, it’s really the beginning of spring.  Everything starts melting.  And everything gets dirty.  And sometimes, people wear short sleeves and shorts!!!  Yesterday, it was in the 30s and there were even kids on the playground!!!  This is astounding.  I love March.  You think, wow, could it possibly be that winter won’t last forever?  Anyway, I went on a family walk with my dh, ds, dd, and the two dogs.  Jake is white.  After the walk, his bottom half was black.  And Charlie was a complete mess.  Here he is before I gave him a bath (seriously, I think I give this dog more baths than my kids).

Happy March!

I need to start getting serious about garden planning.

Momma’s amusement.

poor Mary.

poor baby Jesus.

poor lonely Nativity set without Mary or jesus 😦

……….a little photo anecdote (not related to Charlie (the dog) attacking the Nativity set):

(days as a pseudo stay-at-home-mom(since I do work 12 hrs a week) are sooo amusing!)

messy construction workers and puppy pics. Hmm, a bit odd, momma knows..

One day I came home to my key in the doorknob, with the screen door wide open, so everyone and anyone walking or driving by could see.  This just really irked me.  Those damn construction dudes.  When I walked in the door, one of them was coming up from the basement and before even saying hello, I said, “you left the key in the door.” Dammit.  My dh thinks it’s possible (and I may admit this, too) that they thought I was being a beyotch ( and I wasn’t on purpose) (or maybe I was) and because of that they have been doing a shitty job since.  Case in point?  The mess they left:

And this mysterious hole in the cement they had poured over the pipes in the basement (in the laundry room), which was a shitty job in the first place.  How am I supposed to put tile back over it?

But okay, okay, the actual room is starting to look fabulous.

Well, dh just told me they have a week and a half worth of work left to do.  I have a feeling I’m going to be spring cleaning and rearranging the basement as soon as they’re finished.  Ahem, as well as doing a deep sanitizing on the upstairs bathroom.  I kinda don’t think vinegar is gonna cut it for this one. (see previous posts)

Anyway, in my furry, I was getting a bit camera happy and decided to take some pics of the pups to make me happy.  You know what is hilarious?  Charlie licks his mouth every time I take his picture.  Check it out:

And here’s Jake, trying to shake:

aw, Jake, such a tough guy.

Taking pics of pups is a good de-stresser.

momma’s dogs

Charlie has the hiccups and for some reason, I think it’s really, really cute.  I’m in total dog lovin’ mode right now.  Maybe it’s because I was gone for a few days and didn’t see them, I dunno.  I started a sweater for Charlie.  OMG, I used to be a cat person but now I m a total dog person.  Here’s some random shots of the dogs:


(and, ahem, yup, that’s snow!  That’s what I get for goin’ to Fla I guess.  It’s like weather karma.)