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Wii House Party

Remember I told you about my wii house party?  Remember they gave me two free wii games?  And coupons to get free jello mouse?  And all I had to do was have a party with the stuff they sent me?  Well, kids, I did it.  But I did it play date style.  Here ya go:

Having a house party, woot woot.

Have you ever heard of house parties?  I’m not talking about the ones you had in high school when your parents were out of town.  I’m talking about this new way of advertising.  What you do is have a party and the house party peeps send you all the stuff to have the party.  The point of it is that it’s advertising by word of mouth.  So, I have the party with the stuff they send me and the people I invite want what I got so they go and buy it.  And they tell their friends and their friends tell their friends.  So anyway, I’m having a get fit party.  And they sent me TWO Wii games!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND coupons to get free mousse by jello.  and headbands.  and 10.00 off coupons for said wii games.  Here’s a pic of what I got:

Woot woot, I’m having a partayyyyy.  Want to have your own party?  Go to houseparty.com.  Totally legit, totally awesome! (and you don’t have to buy anything and your friends don’t have to buy anything.)