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Easter egg huntin.

And I made ham and homemade rolls.  Granted, the ham was fully cooked anyway, but I added some pineapple, cloves, and brown sugar for some extra flavor. Yum.

Dinner Linner Brunch was scrumptious. (what do you call it when you eat at 2?)

And my sweet, sweet main squeeze got me some flowers. awww.

Garden time.

The tomatoes are starting to grow.  yipeee.


It’s rained all week and all of a sudden my garden is a veggie jungle:


Tonight, I had lettuce and spinach salad (from my garden), with Goddess dressing:


Momma’s weekly shopping trip.

Another pic of my Trader Joes groceries.  Bill today was 101.08.  (It might have been cheaper if I hadn’t followed around a friend and spied what she bought.) (Oh, she knew I was looking, I am not that weird.)