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Dear diary.

Dear Diary,

So, the promotional spot on etsy was such a waste of money.  Oh well.  I think being crafty becomes a chore when all you think about is selling it.  so, I’m just gonna do my thang and maybe attempt craft shows?  But only if the craft shows have some purpose, like a fundraiser.  Which is convenient, because my friend Laura asked me if I wanted to sell stuff at her fundraiser craft show and I said, “heck ya!!!.”

I ordered some really cute fabric tags for my stuff.  I totally designed them myself.  what do you think?

Ingrained in the membrane yet? 🙂

Here’s what I am working on right now.  I think my favorite stitch is the seed stitch.

Someone gave me bracelets from India today.  The picture doesn’t do these justice – they’re so colorful and fancy.  I love em!

A naughty dog, a shopping addiction, and a clean & painted house.

Darnit Charlie, why do you have to be so naughty?  Yesterday, at obedience training, I was trying to get Charlie’s attention, but he was trying to escape and check out the other dogs and so I was making silly noises to get him to think I’m more interesting than the other dogs (as if!!) and all of a sudden I hear someone say my name.  I’m kneeling on the floor, at Charlie’s level so he’d see me – it didn’t work! – and so there I was looking up at my husband’s friends staring down at me, on the floor like a dog, making squealing noises, and obviously completely clueless of how to get my dog to listen to me.  Oh. My. God. My face went red.  And I just said, “oh Charlie, he’s so naughty.” And then they walked away.  Charlie was put on three time outs, which is better than last week.  He is succeeding at the command “sit,” but only when other dogs are not around.  Phsaw, I hope this dog makes a complete turn around before the end of the training (in six weeks).

Anyhoo, I have been in such a thrifting mood, or rather a shopping mood.  I went to Kohls.  Ack.  I had a full cart, tried everything on, and put everything back!  I deserve a pat on the back, because I did the same thing at Target.  True, it’s complete torture and I may one of these days just completely fall off my recycled/reused-only wagon, but still.

Here are some of my finds (at the thrift store, thank you very much.):

And I suddenly got in a painting mood and painted this mirror I bought red!

Which consequently got me to paint the previously blue table GREEN!! And the bottom half of the wall a darker brown. (my dearest hubs finally put in the shoe molding, but I have yet to paint that)

I’ve been busy, eh?

Well, and then I designed a new banner, avatar, fabric tags, and business cards for A Handmade Princess.  I’ve attached some vintage button & lace pins:

What do you think?

And, of course, I cleaned.  With a helper.  (Doesn’t it seem like I am always cleaning?)

for the princess in you…

check out my store.  www.ahandmadeprincess.etsy.com I put just a few things in today.

Help me choose

I’ve been working on getting my store all ready.  I’ve made two banners, can you vote in my poll to let me know which one you like better, or if you think I should make a different one all together?  Muchas gracias.

Banner #1

Banner #2

busy momma.

Well, have I told you I’m a blogaholic now?  Yes.  What’s the deal?  I feel like I have been missing out.  I mean, so much inspiration is out there.  Who knew?  You probably did, didn’t you?

Anyway, I made a small bunting with the Holly Hobby fabric.  More princess birthday decoration? Perhaps.

I’ve been sticking to my handmade challenge faithfully.  Isn’t it hard to decorate and prepare for a princess party on just handmade?

That’s when a fabulous idea came to me.

My own store. On Etsy.  A Handmade Princess.  It’s empty right now, but I am working on wares to put in there.  Like, for example, these awesome princess leg warmers (sorry, THE princess decided she wants them, so I’ll have to make more for the store.)

Speaking of princess, does anyone else find that their 3 (almost 4) year old princess is a little quirky and you find her little fairy like doings around the house and you giggle, but then wonder how she’ll be as a teenager?  Like this:

Here was my chai tea cup, flipped over, with a pen set to the side of it.  Hmmm.

I found the top of that cup on top of my pen jar IN THE FRIDGE! Double hmm.

Well, friends, time to get back to making stuff for my store.  (Note: Soon, I will have two stores, as I am collaborating with Kristy, aka Tinkerknits, on another etsy collection of awesome things.  More to come..

Here’s some inspiration.

Good day, Lovelies!!!