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Time for grocery action…

I haven’t posted pics of my groceries for y’all in a while.  And who knows, maybe you think it’s weird.  For some reason, I really like documenting what I buy every week.  And now that I am reading The Gorgeously Green Diet, I feel the need to be super duper aware (how to live lean and green).  Oh, and if you haven’t read it, you should.  Makes the whole buying organic vs. non-organic make sense.

So, here are my groceries for the week: 94.00.  enjoy…..


p.s. one thing I’ve been trying to add to my daily diet/routine is a glass of lemon water every morning.  It’s supposed to flush out the system, especially the liver.  Hmm, you learn somn’ everyday.  and how easy is that!

Momma’s weekly shopping trip.

Another pic of my Trader Joes groceries.  Bill today was 101.08.  (It might have been cheaper if I hadn’t followed around a friend and spied what she bought.) (Oh, she knew I was looking, I am not that weird.)