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Hello, goodbye.

Hallo, Loves. I just wanted an excuse to say Hallo. I’ve been reading Tara Road and the Irish say Hallo, instead of Hello. So, Hallo = Hello. Cool, huh?

I quit my job. and I am focusing on knitting. (but I am still looking for a perfect job..which would be a school secretary of some sort) Anywayzzz, I’ve moved blogs. I am now here: Come and say hi, mmkay?

Merry Christmas y’all!


Mothers day with my peeps.

Today is Mother’s day. I always feel like it’s a bonus birthday day. I always get a present and I always get to do what I want for the day. And I wanted to go to the Shepherd’s Wool Festival.
I was so giddy.
And overwhelmed.
And it was weird, but I felt like I was with my “peeps.”
I’ve never felt like that before.
I’ve never been so ‘into’ something before.
I’ve always been a dabbler. I’ll probably always be a dabbler.
But now I am a full on KNITTER.
Yo knitters, represent.

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Now, I must get back to knitting the sweater pattern I just started. It’s something I am actually making myself. I hardly ever.

Happy Mother's Day!

The birthday party.

My poor blog, neglected.
It’s just been a busy week.
With my daughter’s 5 year old birthday and birthday party and all.

It was a blast.
This is what we did:
On her actual birthday, we went to chuck e cheese with just our immediate family.
Then, on Saturday was her PRINCESS party.
As the guests arrived, I had them make castles out of sugar cubes.
Next, we played “princess walk.” Like a cake walk, but whomever lands on Cinderella got a prize (and they each had a turn to land on her).
Then, we sought and found Cinderella’s glass slippers.
Next, we played Royal Ball freeze dance.
Then, we sat and read Princess & the Pea. Everyone sat on a pillow and then I told them we were going to see if they were real princesses. So, they went in another room and I hid a ball under an unsuspecting princess’ pillow. If they felt it, I knew they were a princess. And they all had a turn. each of them received a certificate saying they were a real princess.
Then, pin the tail on the donkey.
Next, cake & ice cream.
Then, of course, Presents.
And, lastly, free play & dancing.
It was a successful party 🙂

Crazy Buffet = Crazy Photo Opps

Today, we went out for a belated Christmas gathering with my dad at Crazy Buffet.

You know you have a photo taking problem when you lift your head and see a broken chandelier and a photo opp at the same time and then you look at your husband with bright eyes and he says, “photo for later?” And you reply, “heck ya.”

Cool, right?

Anyway, it’s also apparent you have a problem when you focus in on the food and not the people:

ESPECIALLY when it’s not even the food on your own plate!!!


okay, off to go alter more clothes. I’m on a roll. I just hope I am brave enough to wear all of my new creations. Just wait and see!

New Years Eve (and a knitting project)

I’m in a collage kind of mood (especially since I am procrastinating on the cleaning).

Here was our New Years Eve. We watched the ball drop at 11 and then it was g’night all. (’tis kinda what happens when ya have kids…or just because)

Here was my last knitting project of 2010. I finished it just before 11. I made it with Noro yarn. Have you ever used Noro yarn? O.M.G. I am in loooove. (it’s silk & wool) Too bad it costs 20.00 a skein. yes, that’s right 20.00. But I had a gift certificate, so I thought I’d go for it. And I’m so glad I did.

p.s. I used this pattern and shortened it up a bit and added buttons.

G’bye 2010, Hello 2011 (and my New Years Resolution)

I think I posted a while ago that my mac crashed this summer. Boohoo. That was the saddest thing ever to happen, because, well, I lost 20,000 pictures. I kid you not – 20,000!! Luckily, I had some photos on here (mommarocks) to resave to my new Harddrive, but I lost years and years of my kids growing up. So sad. 😦 So, I see everyone posting their reflections of the year via photos and I just want to cry. I only have photos from August to now. So, I thought I’d do a collage of my favs:


You thought I was going to abandon the whole idea of coming up with a Resolution, didn’t you? Tsk, tsk. Well, I didn’t forget. I have been wholeheartedly racking my brain for something awesome to do. I want to share with you my resolution brainstorming list:
*Be a better mother.
*Be a better wife.
*Be a better person.
*Stop eating pizza.
*Limit eating pizza to the weekends.
*Stop drinking diet coke.
*Drink water, diet coke is fine in moderation.
*Get a new wardrobe.
*Stop shopping.
*Be thankful for what you have.
*Start posting about what you are thankful for.
*Be original.
*Don’t start a thankful Thursdays blog linky fest. (I found tons on the web! Hey, I thought it was MY idea, but apparently it wasn’t. Dang)
*Be original.
*A-HA!!! Totally COOL Tuesdays. !!!!! An event where everyone is invited to participate in posting on my linky dinks (will be posted on Tuesdays from here on out)-on this blog (mommarocks)- about what they think is cool. A blog post of their own. A photo. A website. A coupon. A book. A magazine. An article. A story. An outfit. A project. A craft. A store. Whatever!!!
What you do is come back to this blog ( on TUESDAYS and link up to the linkyfest with your blog name and your blog post about what you think is TOTALLY COOL.
There’s just so much in this world that’s cool, ya know. And I didn’t want to limit myself or anyone else to what exactly has to be cool. We’re all different and I like that.
And now that I have some followers on here, I thought it would be fun to have y’allz participate. I know that I personally love to link up to other bloggies out there and I’ve found some really awesome blogs that I would’ve never found otherwise.
So, that’s my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION – To be more cool. And invite others to be cool with me, YO>

Here are my blog buttons that I designed (and you can use to link, up, too. I just need to figure out how to add the html code. Bear with me, I am new to this…):




Hey! I’ll be back next year.
Happy New Year.

Christmas pics

For the holiday, my mom flew in from Florida.  Here she is with my daughter and my niece.

I hadn’t even noticed my mom was wearing a hairpiece, but here’s the proof:

When she comes to town, all the kids corral around her.  And they fight about who gets to sleep next to her.  I had a brilliant idea that the kids would sleep on the floor and their heads would both touch the bed she was in, but they still fought over who slept closer to HER head.  She said she was flattered.

And when she comes to town, she gets everyone to dance (even if they’re reluctant at first.)

I put my camera away for the big festivities, but here’s a photo at the end of the night.   Then, wearing our new pajamas, we went to bed so Santa could come.

My son got a hermit crab.  He was so excited!  THEN!!! I heard screaming from his room and found the crab had attached himself to my son’s palm.  If I tugged, the crab pinched harder.  So, I had to bring them both into the bathroom and run the hand with the attached crab under water until the crab let loose.  What a traumatic event.  My son said, “the hermit crab WAS my favorite present, but not anymore.”  That made me so sad 😦  Thankfully, it was Santa who brought the crab and not me, so I am still in good standing.  My daughter got a Beta Fish and she said, “well, at least my fish doesn’t bite.”  Yep, honey.

At least my son was happy with his new dragon that HE designed (unbeknownst to him until he opened it up).  That was from me, so he still likes me.

And that’s the conclusion of my Christmas weekend.