new tag – WORK!

It’s definitely been interesting this last week. I have been working full time. FULL TIME! It’s been a shock, to say the least.

I like working. I don’t think I like working full time. I’ll figure out my sweet spot for where I am comfortable with the amount of time I put in for the money I get. But I really needed to get a job quick. My kids have been at school while I’ve been sitting on my arse. And I wasn’t even keeping up with my blog. Or cleaning. Or anything, really. I thought it was a slippery slope toward self destruction or something. So, bam, I called up the temp agency & they gave me this assignment. Full time for 6 months. I can do it, yes I can!

I love the people interaction.

Now, I must give you the break down of the new characters in my novel life:

There are 6 other temps. We arrived at the same time on Monday, all set to go, with anticipation.

1. K – a 22 year old man-boy. Your run of the mill small town frat kid, but has a side of sensitivity. He’s an artist, but just graduated with a Major in Business. He has a girlfriend and they “will never break up.”

2. L – a 57 year old woman. Doesn’t have very many clothes, because she just recently lost about 60 pounds. Has two adult kids. Lives about an hour away. Used to work in security clearance jobs. Likes to talk about the weather and traffic.

3. E – a 25 year old-ish girl-woman who just moved here from Maine. Lives with her husband in their in-laws’ house about an hour away. Was going to go to school, but the school changed the schedule on her, so she just wants to work so she can save money to get out of debt faster. (If it were me, I’d opt for school, but hey – whatever floats your boat!)

4. K – a 20 year old-ish girl. Tall, skinny, blonde hair. Doesn’t talk much. Seems shy & innocent. She’s a youth leader for her church. (which, btw, I think is awesome – no judging about the innocence. :))

5. D – creepy 50 ish year old man. He’s not creepy in the sense that he’s a stalker or anything, but he’s an overachiever in a creepy way. If that makes any sense. Like, he almost bows down to anyone who helps him. Sometimes I think it is cute & funny and other times, I think, “dude, stop it!” I do have to say that it is very nice to have someone be thankful for my help, but I wish he was a bit more confident. I think he’s single and maybe a recovering addict. Maybe. He hasn’t told me, but I think that’s his story.

6. J – 19 year old baby! Oh Lordy. I’ve made friends, of course, with the youngest of the group. She’s just a baby, with a baby herself. Not really a baby, but a preschooler. She has a 4 year old. Lives at home, but is still with the baby daddy, who is 21. She’s overly confident. I think she should go to school and get a career. But what do I know!

7. Then there’s me. I’m a 35 year old former stay at home mom with two kids. Been out of the job world for over 5 years. I like to show pictures of my kids, dogs, and husband. I also like to talk about any and every Bravo show. I dress way too professional for this job (considering the dress code is everything but muscle shirts).

Those are my temp peeps. Just wait until I tell you about the full time peeps at this place! What a bunch of crazies (in a good way).

maybe tomorrow…or maybe not.

peace out, yo! – mommarocks


One response to “new tag – WORK!

  1. This ought to be very interesting


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