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My daughter.

Here she is singing.

Sometimes, I can’t believe I am a mother.

And sometimes I can’t believe I am a mother of a child that does things like this:

If you didn’t know, she is biting her toe nails.

(and I’m kidding, by the way, she totally got that from me. :D) (The biting the nails thing, although I haven’t been able to reach my feet for quite sometime now.)

momma’s teaching the kid to cook.

and he likes it!  Today, he told me he feels “older.”  Aww, my lil guy is growin’ up.  Anyway, today he made grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen pizza (small steps, people!).


You know what rocks?  Having a kid that rocks.  Check it out, yo!  My kid is a total bad ass, with a mohawk to prove it. 

(Actually, I am surprised he let me do this to him, he usually insists on going to great clips, even for a trim.) (and yup, I did this.  Who’s next?  I charge…NOTHING!  It’s a great stress reliever shaving heads.  lol)