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And here she is…(plus a bonus joke)

Miss Fairy Belle

I kinda want to keep her for myself.


Anyway, the birds have been showing up lately.  Must be the big bag of birdseed I recently bought.

And the tomatoes have been growing like mad. ¬†There hasn’t even been any sun for days upon days. Just rain.

My ds told me a funny joke today. ¬†I think he really made it up. ¬†Really. ¬†Because he’s brilliant. ¬†I also got his report card in the mail today. ¬†Let me just say, he doesn’t get it from me. ¬†:):) Anyway, here’s the joke:

Why did the fish cross the ocean?

To get to the other tide.

funny, right?

A little concert and a little dirt

DS sang in a concert the other night. ¬†See that look he’s giving me? ¬†You’d think he was having a bad time, but he said he was just nervous. ¬†Sometimes, he’s such a sour puss, I don’t know what to do. ¬†Yesterday, when I made dinner, he cried. ¬†I made a perfectly good pasta salad with artichoke hearts and olives. ¬†I’m so worried when this kid is a teen.

And my other kid? ¬†Well, she’s happy even when she’s playing with dirt.

Not that I am comparing them, because we’re all different.

As for comparing, I’m finding I took the same exact pictures of my garden last year as I have been this year. ¬†How do I spice things up?Hrm. ¬†Well, at least last year didn’t have an ant on the peony. Check it out:

And really, you can never have too many pictures of your garden, right?

I love my garden so much, I put a lil dirty Buddha there to protect it.

My weekend part uno.

My mom came to visit from Florida. ¬†It was in the mid thirties all weekend, and me and my family were wearing short sleeves. ¬†I told ya this is what happens when you live in the coldest place in the US. ¬†(Don’t quote me on that, I’m just guessing.) (ahem, we also have the most alcoholics here, too. :D) ¬†My mom was bundled in her heaviest coat and whimpered when she had to go from house to car to store to car to house. ¬†It was quite funny. ¬†But not for her.

What did we do this weekend?  Lots and lots!

Friday night my mom babysat and I went on a double date with my main squeeze. ¬†We went to my friend Laura’s husband’s show at this really cool coffee shop downtown.

Then, we went to this fancy schmancy restaurant for dinner.  I drank cosmos.

Okay, I didn’t get any good pictures in there.

And speaking of pictures, I forgot to show you the pictures that were taken just a mere hour before my double date. ¬†This is how I have mastered the art of parenting kids in extracurricular activities. (okay, okay, soccer mom. ¬†Except the soccer is baseball and dance :):)) ¬†My dd’s pictures were at 6 and our friends were supposed to pick us up at 7. ¬†Basically, what I am saying is I rock. ¬†And I didn’t even speed. ¬†(yes, because her pics were taken at the dance studio). ¬†Want a quick peek?

Now aint that cuuuute?

UHOH, I’ve got to go…I’ll be back later with part duex.

Funny Girl part duex

Don’t mind her hair. ¬†It was a rough night last night. ¬†She was sick all night, and crying. ¬†Wouldn’t let me take her temp and refused tylenol. ¬†It was fun. Not. ¬†So, early this morning, I called and made an urgent care appointment. ¬†Wouldn’t ya know it, she popped right up and was so chipper she decided to have a picnic in the middle of the living room. ¬†I canceled the appointment. ¬†I hope tonight goes better.

I’ve been in a ruffly apron making mood.

Here’s my silly model:

If it weren’t for the hair, you’d never know she was up all night crying of ear pain, would you?

p.s. this is my new favorite song and video:

Wii House Party

Remember I told you about my wii house party?  Remember they gave me two free wii games?  And coupons to get free jello mouse?  And all I had to do was have a party with the stuff they sent me?  Well, kids, I did it.  But I did it play date style.  Here ya go:

momma’s teaching the kid to cook.

and he likes it! ¬†Today, he told me he feels “older.” ¬†Aww, my lil guy is growin’ up. ¬†Anyway, today he made grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen pizza (small steps, people!).

Momma’s amusement.

poor Mary.

poor baby Jesus.

poor lonely Nativity set without Mary or jesus ūüė¶

……….a little photo anecdote (not related to Charlie (the dog) attacking the Nativity set):

(days as a pseudo stay-at-home-mom(since I do work 12 hrs a week) are sooo amusing!)