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Beans, beans good for the heart…

Guess what?  The beans have arrived!  


and the tomatoes are closer to being ripe


Parsley is popping up


and the new bean seedlings are emerging in the raised bed (I planted these after the bunnies ate me outta house and home.  litl’ rascals!)


Oh, and I must not forget…the raspberry bush….


I can officially call myself a gardener.  yay.

when all else fails…

get chicken wire!  I think I have found the solution to the bunny invasion.  Too bad it’s after they’ve eaten all of the bean plants down to little stubs and started on the pepper plants.  ugh.



What the heck?  I’m starting to think I am dealing with a higher power.  That, or it’s the squirrels and not the bunnies.  What do you think?  Should I rename this blog to “adventures against nature”?  Let’s recap on what I’ve learned: 1. raised beds do not keep animals out of the garden 2. moth balls do NOT work in keeping out the rodents 3. neither do marigolds 4. face it, you’ve got to share the garden with little critters.


(couldn’t they have just waited until there were actual beans on them??)