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SAHM searching for SAHMs.

Know what that means?  Stay At Home Mom.  SAHM.  Another world, I must say.  Have you ever been to the grocery store in the middle of the morning?  Well, let’s just say if you have been, I bet you don’t dare ever go on a weekend morning again.  And traffic in the middle of the day?  Non existent.  These are just the perks of being a stay at home mom.  That, and library events.  I mentioned before that meeting mommas online is essential to building your play date black book, but the library is the church of the SAHM congregation.  Anyway, my point is: there are many perks to being a SAHM and the library in the middle of the morning is one of them;  free story times, free books, movies, and entertainment – what else could you ask for?

Being a momma totally rocks.

I chose to be a stay home momma about two years ago, the summer before my ds was off to first grade and my dd had just turned 18 months.  It was a decision that took much deliberation, and finally convinced myself (first) and my husband (second) that it didn’t make any sense to basically work to pay the sitter.  At the time, I was mid-career and making good money, but daycare for 2 kids was and I’m sure still is complete insanity.  I had never thought of myself being a stay home mom, even though I adore my kids.  I was kind of freaked out, to tell the truth.  I didn’t know ANYONE with kids!!!  But one of my biggest assets is that I like to plan.  And so I did.  And I researched.  and I planned some more.  And then I found….chat forums for moms online.  Whoohoo.  Now, I think this was about the greatest invention.  How else would I have met other moms?  I could have gone to the neighborhood play ground, which I did, but even though I consider myself an extrovert at times, I get nervous about approaching people I don’t know.  Besides, no one really goes to the play ground by my house.  So, you see, chat forums were my God send.  I went from knowing not a single person who had kids to having a calendar filled with play dates.  But the greatest thing is that I’ve met other mommas that aren’t the mom jeans wearing kind of peeps either, we just needed to find each other.  So I am a little sappy about it, whatevahhh.  The thing is that it’s kind of weird when people ask you how you met and you say “online.”  It just seems kind of creepy to say that, but it isn’t at all.  Anyway, I will be forever grateful to the information highway for introducing me to some great fellow mommas.  Cheers.