more on this and that…

My first day of work was on Halloween and I didn’t get home until after the kids started trick or treating. This made me very sad. I didn’t get any good pictures of their costumes. wahh.

All I have for my Halloween pictures are these (which are from the day before Halloween):


It’s fine. Oh yah. I’m fine without the 2011 Halloween pictures, just fine.

Anyway, one good thing about working is that I want to spend QUALITY (not quantity) time with the kids. And guess what my daughter wanted to do…go to the craft store and get yarn so she can KNIT!!!! And then my son decided he wanted help teach.


Can I get an awwwwwwwwwe?


More on work life:


Day 4 – #3 (22 year old from Maine) quit.

Day 8 – #6 (older creepy man) was let go.

Can I get a whhaaat!

I have to finish my character sketches of the peeps that work at my place. These are the full time folks:

D – 25 year old girly girl. Lives with her parents in a ritzy part of town. Goes on facebook and fashion sites ALL DAY LONG!! When she was training me, she was actually looking at job openings. I said, “are ya kidding me?” She said, “Uh no.” At first, I thought I wasn’t going to like her, but now I really like her spunk & overconfidence. In fact, I kinda admire it.

S – A big woman with a big heart, I can just tell. She speaks very softly and doesn’t waste her words with nonsense. She has 5 kids.

R – 25? year old man. Very, very friendly. In fact, most of the temps have gravitated toward him, because he’s so friendly. Just met a girl. He invited the whole team out for drinks to meet her. I won’t be going. I’m lame like that.

E – 25ish year old man with two kids, just married his highschool sweetheart. Seems like your typical South Minneapolis hoodlum. I like him. His story is craziness. It goes like this: He was working with chemicals in some sort of plant. He really liked it, it was totally his thang. But there were lots of peeps that were on drugs and not following guidelines and doing things correctly. So, anyway, one day, he saw that a tube of some sort was unhooked and he ran to shut off whatever chemical was spurting out of it, but as he was running, it spout out at him and he slipped and fell into the chemicals. Needless to say, the chemicals burnt his body. Thankfully, it was a shift change and people were just coming in for their shifts so help was called right away. Unfortunately, he can’t even swim in a pool, run, wear certain clothes, etc., because his body was so badly burned. But he has such a positive attitude and keeps on going and going. I like him a lot!

N – I don’t know how old he is. He hardly talks. which is very, very hard for me. I want to know everything about every one. But after about 4 hours of working together, I found out that he also has a part time job delivering pizzas. And he’s married.

That does not conclude my list of peeps. But I have more info to gather before continuing. MWAHAHAHA. This has become my secret undercover mission. It gives me motivation to go to work. Otherwise, it really is just a glorified call center. Now, it is a novel in the works. bahahaha.

Goodnight darlings!
XXOO mommarocks

2 responses to “more on this and that…

  1. Keep the novel going…its great….what did creepy man do to get let go?

  2. Gee—-I am reading your blog and it ends in Nov—–I guess you got a job and are too busy to post…I sure hope that is it. Happy Chrismaka—

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