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momma’s new year’s resolutions.

I just need to post a shout out to my main man (er, my only man): Babe, this past year was exceptional.  I hope next year is as good as this last year was.  Love you.

Funny thing is 2009 started out a bit rocky, but turned into a fantabulous year.

I’ve never really ever made new years resolutions.  Usually, I just hope the year will turn out great.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  I’ve had some shitty years and I’ve had some awesome years.  It all balances out in the end, right?

But this last year, I really made self improvements that I am proud of and I love that feeling.  So, I decided to start the year fresh, with some more self improvements.  You read in a previous post that one of those is to only buy reused, recycled, and homemade for my home and wardrobe, as well as for gifts.  I need to stop my insane shopping addiction.  Or, rather, I need to be a little more thrifty.  So, thrift shops are definitely not out.  Also, I am obviously not going to be thrifty on things we need, like food and undies and such.  So, that’s my number one resolution.

My second resolution is to take better care of my body.  I am going to start a detox next week, and I invite you to follow along.  It’s a month long and it isn’t all juice, you can eat food sillies.  Just good food.  I’m hoping that detox will force me to take note of how my diet needs to change (you know how I like cafeteria food.  That’s just absurd for someone who wants to eventually have a farm and join the slow food movement (kidding people, it isn’t ever going to happen.  But I like to think about it.)  So, ultimately this resolution will lead to me losing that baby weight.  Want to know a secret?  I gained 70 whopping pounds when I was pregnant and I haven’t even lost half of it.  It’s been four years (almost).  That’s not okay, I’m getting old, I don’t want it to get harder and harder every year.  Now is the time to do it.)  Anyhoo, here’s the website you need to follow along: whole living detox

My third, and most important, resolution is to spend more time playing with my kids.  The other day, my ds asked me to play bionicles with him.  Have you seen those?  They’re these really scary looking lego/transformers-like figurines that have set rules for battling.  Well, I told my ds let’s do it the old fashioned way and it was so friggin hilarious.  I kinda wish I had a video of it to show you my “awwk, you hit my arm, pow pow pow, oh no, aaaaahhhhhh, you got me” impressions of our battle.  Now, I can’t get the kid to leave me alone, he wants to battle the bionicles like every five minutes.  (note to the weary: of course, we do not use weapons, some of you know how I feel about those! :D)

So, who knows, after/during these successes (I’m hoping), I will be a better person (and mother!) in 2010.

Oh shit!  I just wrote 2010.  Weird! 2010.  Remember when you were younger and you’d say, ‘in 2010 I am going to be 34.’  But who knew I’d be 34, living in the coldest place – practically – on the planet, married to an awesome dude, living in a rad, red walled house, and went from cat lover to dog lover, started baking, knitting, and tending my own garden?  Geez, I just know 2010 is gonna rock it!!

santa, baby.

I think my eight year old might be on to me.  He wouldn’t tell me what he told santa he wanted.  I thought maybe he was trying to find out if santa would really bring it if he didn’t tell me.  But I finally got it out of him.  He said he asked for a lego boat, lighthouse, and island.  So, I looked it up – there is no such thing!!!  Is this kid totally brilliant, or am I just psyching myself out?  Hmmm.

Happy Hanukkah, check out all of the new posts!

yikes, I am post happy today.

Perhaps it’s because I am reading julie and Julia and I am inspired.  But probably just because I finally put batteries in my camera and I finally have pictures to share.  yipee.

Here was the first night of Hanukkah:

Momma’s amusement.

poor Mary.

poor baby Jesus.

poor lonely Nativity set without Mary or jesus 😦

……….a little photo anecdote (not related to Charlie (the dog) attacking the Nativity set):

(days as a pseudo stay-at-home-mom(since I do work 12 hrs a week) are sooo amusing!)


Halloween was spookily busy for me.  Because this is my blog and kinda like my diary, I am going to give you an outline of my day:

Woke up at 6:45 am, yikes.  Went to water aerobics (see, I really do work out…sometimes), where I was the youngest by at least 20 or 30 years.  And that doesn’t bother me at all, because then I feel real good about myself if I can keep up.  I also feel kinda cute in my bathing suit.  😉  Went home and picked up dd, brought her to ballet, where I tried to sneak in some knitting time.  After that, we went to Target to get halloween candy, because you can never have enough.  Why is that?  But of course, I got distracted and ended up buying a week’s worth of groceries and some treats for our friends for later.  Remind me never to shop at Target, I spend my life savings at that store every time I walk in.

Then, we went to a surprise party for this really, really funny girl I know, which also happened to be a kids halloween dress up party.  My ds hid in the basement and ate their Schmorgasborg of food/candy while we all hid out upstairs waiting for my friend to get there so we could jump out and say surprise.  By the time we left, he said he was gonna throw up.  I’m like, “kid, pace yourself, it’s halloween.”

We had cake outside, where the kids jumped in the leaves.  Why didn’t I think of this cheap/exhausting/fun activity for kids?  I mean, I know that’s what people do; pile up the leaves and jump in them, but I am always afraid of the leaves going everywhere again and having to re-rake (but my dh would probably say, “do you rake anyway?”).  I was surprised the kids loved it so much.  I mean, they could have done it for hours and hours and hours.  And I would have been fine with that, but we had other shizzle to do.


On our way out, I gave my friend her gift, which was the knitted peace sign washcloth but it was wrapped in a peach detox tea box.  She didn’t open it at first, because she thought it was the tea that was her gift.  She said she would have loved the tea, too.  But me and my damn big mouth said, “you can’t have it anyway, because pregnant people can’t have it.”  And she said, “I’m not pregnant.”  I think my heart fell into the pit of my stomach, because of all the secrets that you can spill, this would be the worst.  And I did it in front of everyone she knew!  OMG!!!!  I was having a freak attack for the rest of the day.  I’ll tell you what happened in a minizule…

Next, we went to my friend Laura’s for some pumpkin pinata fun…


Fun, fun, fun!  We could have stayed there all day, but we had to get home and get our house ready for the evening.  A friend of my ds and his mom were coming out trick or treating with us.  I’d never met either of them before so I had to tidy up a bit before they came over.  And we had to get our costumes all finalized.  Here they are:


In the mean time, I emailed my friend asking her who invited the big mouth and she replied it was no big deal.  So, whew, but I think she had been messing with me and I just didn’t stick around to find out the joke was on me.

When my ds’s friend and his mom got here, the first thing she said to me was, “awww, you’re expecting?”  and I just thought, ‘you know, karma’s a bitch.’  (cuz I am NOT expecting!!)

Anyway, the kids got candy galore.  Here they are post trick or treating:


After the friend and his mom left, we had a mini movie theatre in my room with popcorn and all.  After the kids went to bed, I managed to fit in a little more knitting time while we handed out the last of the candy  to the stragglers and finished my latest project.  Here it is:


(here’s the pattern, even though mine looks nothing like the pattern. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/50722-2.html?noImages=0)

When I say momma rocks, I mean it.  riiighhht?  right.

AND I got an extra hour in bed this mornin’ to cuddle with my man (daylight savings! don’t forget).  woot woot.