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and Charlie got a haircut.

The lil’ fella looks like an old geezer.  But he’s just so damn cute!



Charlie got neutered.

Poor lil fella.

He was starting to get a bit chapped down there after the surgery and so I brought him back to the vet today.  While we were there, he tried humping a toy poodle.  Um, isn’t that why he was neutered?   ????!!!!

Anyway, the vet gave us a cone to put on him so he would stop licking ‘down there.’

I took away his manhood and his dignity.  😦




14 weeks.  Isn't he a cutie? 

14 weeks. Isn't he a cutie?

 He’s my little baby, I can’t help it.  What’s funny is that I am counting his weeks (hey – the vet does it!) just like I did when my humans were babies.  My dh and I used to disagree about when to stop using ‘days’, ‘weeks’ & ‘months’ to determine age (as in, my child right now is 40 months, but I like to say she’s 182 weeks.  Ha, just kidding.  I say she’s 3).  I used ‘weeks’ for the first few months and then used months until after 2 years.  He started using months after the first month and stopped using months after the first year.  Out of boredom, I calculated my age in weeks and months: I am 402 months, or 1,742 weeks.  Dang, I feel old.  Speaking of old, even though my little pup here is only 14 weeks, he sure looks like a little old guy with a beard & mustache, doesn’t he?  🙂

Momma had baby fever.

Yup, it’s true.  I had baby fever so I got a puppy.  We already had a humungo American Bulldog, but he howled all day and I thought, ‘he must be lonely.’  So, with his loneliness and my baby fever, I had an impulse and I went with it.  Of course, there were some rules I set for myself: 1. it had to be a puppy.  We adopted a dog last year that was so naughty we named him snoopdog.  It was awful, with him humping my kids and snapping at our big dog and when he bit my DH and drew blood, we had to give him back.  I feel terrible about it, but my family comes first, ya know?  2. it had to be relatively small.  We live in a small house and one big dog makes enough of a big mess.  3. it had to be non-shedding.  4. yes, I did have a budget restriction, but I am not going to tell you how much that was.  5.  it couldn’t come from a puppy mill.  6.  it had to have some shots.  And then, I found him.  


7 weeks

7 weeks



11 weeks

11 weeks

He’s a Shih Tzu, if you didn’t know.  And he’s absolutely perfect.  here are some pics with his big brother:


How adorable is this?

How adorable is this?