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when all else fails…

get chicken wire!  I think I have found the solution to the bunny invasion.  Too bad it’s after they’ve eaten all of the bean plants down to little stubs and started on the pepper plants.  ugh.



What the heck?  I’m starting to think I am dealing with a higher power.  That, or it’s the squirrels and not the bunnies.  What do you think?  Should I rename this blog to “adventures against nature”?  Let’s recap on what I’ve learned: 1. raised beds do not keep animals out of the garden 2. moth balls do NOT work in keeping out the rodents 3. neither do marigolds 4. face it, you’ve got to share the garden with little critters.


(couldn’t they have just waited until there were actual beans on them??)

Momma don’t like bunnies.


Well, the bunnies got into the garden; the raised bed with garden fencing specifically designed to keep bunnies out garden.


This is exactly what they did last year and why I know it’s them – they eat the top leaves of the bean plants.  argh.

So, I decided to do the mothball trick once and for all.  BUT mothballs are extremely hazardous and I didn’t want the chemicals leaking into my veggie roots so, this what I did:


If you're trying this at home, you'll need: old fabric, moth balls, string, & scissors.

If you're trying this at home, you'll need: old fabric, moth balls, string, & scissors.


I tied the moth ball sachets around the garden.


For extra safety measures, I put some marigolds nearby (in the pots below).


Who ate my plants?

Who ate these hostas?


and this plant that I have yet to identify:


I swear, if I catch those little rascals…well, I’ll have to spray them with some vinegar or lemon juice (because that’s all I have).

Momma’s container garden.

Besides the 8’x4′ raised bed, I also have some edibles growing on the deck.  (cauliflower, green beans, wax beans, garlic, hot peppers, and peppermint.  AND I have some marigolds to keep the bunnies away.  (not kidding, but I saw 4 bunnies in my yard today.  They better not even think for one minute I am sharing the goodies in my gardens with them. (When I was little, bunnies were so dang cute, now I just hate them!)))

p.s. I am reading this really awesome book for novice gardeners, You Grow Girl.