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ambitious knitting project

I’m in the throws of a knitting project.  It’s a fairy doll for my wee little daughter.  It’s very tedious.

Work in progress:

busy momma.

Well, have I told you I’m a blogaholic now?  Yes.  What’s the deal?  I feel like I have been missing out.  I mean, so much inspiration is out there.  Who knew?  You probably did, didn’t you?

Anyway, I made a small bunting with the Holly Hobby fabric.  More princess birthday decoration? Perhaps.

I’ve been sticking to my handmade challenge faithfully.  Isn’t it hard to decorate and prepare for a princess party on just handmade?

That’s when a fabulous idea came to me.

My own store. On Etsy.  A Handmade Princess.  It’s empty right now, but I am working on wares to put in there.  Like, for example, these awesome princess leg warmers (sorry, THE princess decided she wants them, so I’ll have to make more for the store.)

Speaking of princess, does anyone else find that their 3 (almost 4) year old princess is a little quirky and you find her little fairy like doings around the house and you giggle, but then wonder how she’ll be as a teenager?  Like this:

Here was my chai tea cup, flipped over, with a pen set to the side of it.  Hmmm.

I found the top of that cup on top of my pen jar IN THE FRIDGE! Double hmm.

Well, friends, time to get back to making stuff for my store.  (Note: Soon, I will have two stores, as I am collaborating with Kristy, aka Tinkerknits, on another etsy collection of awesome things.  More to come..

Here’s some inspiration.

Good day, Lovelies!!!

Birthday party preparations…

My dd is turning 4 in 19 days.  She’s been talking about this girl-only princess party for only, like, the last year.  Every day, I swear.  So, we have lots to do.  (oh. and also because remember – I am on a homemade only resolution for the year.)

So far, I have knit some flags that I plan to embroider happy birthday.  Also, I made fabric flags with her name on them.

Dude, they’re so cute.  Check em out: