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you’re wondering what’s up with the bathroom?

Well, darlings, something bad has happened.  Something very, very, very bad.  The contractor went bankrupt whilst in the middle of our bathroom project and decided to go out of business, leaving us with his bills and an unfinished bathroom.  The year is starting out shittily.  Excuse my french, but wouldn’t you say so, too?  Shit, shit, shittily shit. damn, shit, poo shit, shit, shit, shit.  (Note to self: mark this post as not suitable for under 18).

Anyway, the bathroom is more like a curse of a bathroom.  😦

We had to pay off the plumber just to get the toilet working.  And that was after we had already paid the contractor to pay him.  Yeah.  Sucks, right?  Shit, shit, shit!!!  Well, good thing is now we have running water in there.  Bad things are that we have no electricity, no shower door, and the walls need to be primed more with mud and tape, and everything just needs to be finished.  ya know.

DH is making the best of it.  He went and bought some MAN stuff and it’s real manly in there now.

So maybe the workers aren’t that bad.

I spoke with the contractor and he was really receptive to my concerns, which in a way kind of upset me, because I was all ready to bring out the beyotch.  Oh well.  :):):)  Good news is…one more week.  yay.

Here’s a picture proof of my OCD (just kidding, I don’t really have OCD, I just like to label things).

the bathroom is almost finished.

I need to make a mental note of what they have left to do.  I think they’ll be done by Wed so I can clean up the basement in time for my Christmas Eve party.  Let’s see, they have to put in the toilet, the vanity, the shower door, and the baseboards.  Think they can do that in 3 days?  Hmm, I hope!

Bathroom update

It’s slowly coming together.

Here they cemented the bottom of the shower.

bottom of shower

They smoothed and fixed the mysterious hole in the cement covering the new pipes in the basement.

the waterproofed the shower walls

beautiful slate floor.

what's picked out for the vanity top.

messy construction workers and puppy pics. Hmm, a bit odd, momma knows..

One day I came home to my key in the doorknob, with the screen door wide open, so everyone and anyone walking or driving by could see.  This just really irked me.  Those damn construction dudes.  When I walked in the door, one of them was coming up from the basement and before even saying hello, I said, “you left the key in the door.” Dammit.  My dh thinks it’s possible (and I may admit this, too) that they thought I was being a beyotch ( and I wasn’t on purpose) (or maybe I was) and because of that they have been doing a shitty job since.  Case in point?  The mess they left:

And this mysterious hole in the cement they had poured over the pipes in the basement (in the laundry room), which was a shitty job in the first place.  How am I supposed to put tile back over it?

But okay, okay, the actual room is starting to look fabulous.

Well, dh just told me they have a week and a half worth of work left to do.  I have a feeling I’m going to be spring cleaning and rearranging the basement as soon as they’re finished.  Ahem, as well as doing a deep sanitizing on the upstairs bathroom.  I kinda don’t think vinegar is gonna cut it for this one. (see previous posts)

Anyway, in my furry, I was getting a bit camera happy and decided to take some pics of the pups to make me happy.  You know what is hilarious?  Charlie licks his mouth every time I take his picture.  Check it out:

And here’s Jake, trying to shake:

aw, Jake, such a tough guy.

Taking pics of pups is a good de-stresser.

bathroom update. days three and four.

Day 3 of the bathroom project: plumbing.

I had a headache.  I had to pick up ds from school, because the power went out.  I came home to a jackhammer in the basement.

Day 4.  Plumbing finished.  You can see where the sink, shower and toilet will be.  Just when I thought I could let the barking dogs be free, the electrician showed up.



Daddy tore down the porch.

Not because he was mad or anything.  Just because it was about to fall apart anyway.  And since we’re getting new siding one of these days (they were supposed to start today, but didn’t show :() we thought it’d be as good a time as any 🙂


Last week, he replaced the sink faucet.  *swoon*

One day, this house is gonna be perty!