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Thrifty finds.

I’m addicted to thrifting.

Today, I found a few fabrics I don’t know what to do with.  Here they are:

Any ideas?

Birthday party preparations…

My dd is turning 4 in 19 days.  She’s been talking about this girl-only princess party for only, like, the last year.  Every day, I swear.  So, we have lots to do.  (oh. and also because remember – I am on a homemade only resolution for the year.)

So far, I have knit some flags that I plan to embroider happy birthday.  Also, I made fabric flags with her name on them.

Dude, they’re so cute.  Check em out:


I am so proud of myself for…

turning this:











into this:


I did it, I did it. waaaahhooooo.

Now, don’t you ever say I just sit on my arse all day long.

I also had a root canal today!