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Spring fever.

Charlie passed his obedience class.  With flying colors.  He’s the only student in his class that accomplished the shake and roll over tricks.  I’m not bragging or anything.  Okay, kinda I am.  We had to take the test in front of everyone.  Let’s just say, we were a hard act to follow.  The last person got up to take the test and said, “well, i don’t want to show off or anything” AND LOOKED RIGHT AT ME WHEN SHE SAID IT.  Uhhuh, that’s right, my dog is bad ass.  The thing is, I never realized how competetive I was.  I actually asked the teacher to give my dog a grade.  She said, “we only do passes.  And we believe in ‘no dog left behind’.”  Well, I graded him myself and he got an AAAAAA++.

Anyhoo, now that I have a very obedient dog, it seems like the possibilities are endless.  Especially since it’s March and it got up to 70 today.  Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be even warmer.  I see dog parks, long drives, and brisk walks.

It just so happens that my kids are on spring break right now.  Today, we went to the zoo.  First, we went to the conservatory and took pictures of the pretty plants and flowers.  Can I just say something?  Nature is very sexual.  I got the giggles at like every picture I took.  Here are some:

I mean, right?

Not to mention all of the statues.

And I love it, I really do.  When Spring comes, I get all mystified by the world and how lovely and magical it is.  I know it’s kind of sappy of me, but it tames my cabin fever.

Well, darlings, here’s a picture of my loves of my life:

Oh and speaking of magical, isn’t it crazy and cool that these little beings grew inside my belly?  I know, I know, I’m getting a little weird.  And no, I am not pregnant.  But yes, Spring brings out the baby fever in me.

🙂  Sorry Honey.  Hurry and get that vasectomy!!!

xxoo, ciao, momma

When I turn 60, I hope someone will throw me a party.

Well, dear readers, I woke up with a headache and flashes of scenes from my dad’s 60th party last night.  I guess I was a bit more tipsy than I thought.  I called my brother.  Today is his birthday.  After serenading him with my children singing and dogs howling, we reminisced about the previous night.  I said, “I hope I wasn’t acting too buzzed, because, you know, I hope I didn’t embarrass myself.”  Oh no, he said, quite the contrary.  Turns out I am quite fun.  Sometimes my brother knows just the right things to say to me.  “My favorite,” he said, “was when you went off about how awesome it was that that guy knew so much about water.”  Okay, let me tell you…a really old friend of my dad’s was there and he mentioned something about having to go to work later.  I inquired where he worked and- get this – he works at the city water plant.  He’s worked there 36 years!  Seriously, I thought it was intriguing.  I wanted to know how the water was filtered, if it was reverse osmosis, which by the way it isn’t, and I wanted to know what he thought about the surrounding cities water.  You think it’s dull, I’m sure, but I found it interesting.  I just remember saying over and over, “imagine the wealth of knowledge about water.”  Too funny.  Anyway, I just know some of you are dying for more photos of the party and I found a few that I like:

My dad and younger bro

Uncle John. His cup is empty.

The movie star

Looking at old photos

My dad and the movie star dancing.

My dad's uncle Wally. he's 94.

Uncle Wally dancing with the movie star.

Opening a b-day present from L(my dd). Note: the bag was a barbie b-day bag! Too cute!

That’s it.

So, today I stayed home for most of the day, cleaning.  I even cleaned L’s room.  I mean, I was so motivated you’d never had known I woke with a headache!  I told L that she needs to keep her room clean.  she said, “I prefer it messy.”  I am not kidding, she really said that!  Later, when I told her she had 10 minutes until time to get ready for bed, she said, “well, that’s still a good amount of time.”  Holy schmoley, just how old is she?

I also took Charlie to his very first obedience training at pet smart.  Let’s just say, he wasn’t very obedient.  He was put on ‘time out’ numerous times.  I didn’t even know you could put dogs on time outs. Ha. Well, I came home with a clicker, treats, and notes – homework so we’ll come better behaved next week.  L said, “does he love school?”  I said, “He loves the other students.”

Anyway, till tomorrow…