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Happy New Year.

I knit a wine cozy for the hosts of tonight’s kegger.  My dh and I have not been out on New Years in forevahhh.  I am sooo stoked!

Want to make one, too?  Click here for the pattern.


momma just wants a glass of wine.


Okay, I aint gonna lie, I like to have a glass of wine every now and then.  And one night I was taking a sip when my ds, who has been learning about DARE at school and how alcohol and cigarettes are bad for you, asks me what’s in my cup.  I replied, “an adult drink.”  He asked, “is it wine?”  I said, “yes, it is,”  thinking that was the end of the conversation.  He went on to ask why a person would drink alcohol when you know it’s so bad for you.  I dunno, because I am an adult and I can.  I went on about “choices” and how candy isn’t really good for you either.  He said he was afraid that I’d get in an accident, so I promised I wouldn’t drive.  For Pete’s sake, I was having one drink!  And that was that.  Until, a few minutes later, he said “I am really scared you are going to die, because the alcohol is going to get in your liver and your brain and then they won’t work anymore so you’ll die.  So, I really just don’t want you to drink that, okay?”  What’s a mom to do, but say “okay.”  Shit, lets add that to the list of things I can’t do around my kids.  No crack smoking – kidding!!-, no butt smoking, no cussing, no making out, no R rated movies, and now no drinking a lousy glass of wine? sheesh.