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aint nothin but a number.

When I was going through my weight watchers stage (and I call it a stage, because it only lasted a couple of months), I bought a weight watchers scale.  Don’t you think the marketing for weight watchers is funny?  I mean, they seriously have a monopoly on the points idea, don’t they?  Anyway, the scale tells you your weight not only by pounds, but it throws in the ounces, too.  And you know how I’ve been working out – well, I should be losing weight, shouldn’t I be?  The scale wasn’t saying so.  How cruel.  So, I thought, “hmm, maybe I need to move it.”  And so I moved it over a tile.  Well, guess what?!  I lost a pound and an ounce doing that!  So, I decided to move it again.  This time, I moved it to the carpet.  Aha!  I knew that thing was wrong – on carpet, I weighed 65 pounds less than on the tiles.  I know, I know, I didn’t believe it either.  So, I decided to bring it to a different area of the house all together.  And guess what?!  I was two pounds and three ounces less than when I weighed myself on the first tile.  So, what does this mean?  It means I have no friggin clue how much I weigh.  And I guess if I were to take a moral from the story, it would be that weight aint nothin but a number.  So, hmm.