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random anecdotes and a photo scavenger hunt

Hello Sunshines.

It’s Sunday and I feel lazy.

On Friday, I was supposed to go to a friend’s house for “Dinner Club.” Dinner Club is the newest & coolest thing that my knitting buddies came up with. See, we love hanging out with each other so much on knitting nights that we thought it would be fun if we got our hubbies to get in on our hipness, too. Except they don’t knit. But they are all foodies and Beeries. Wait, what are you called if you love beer? (and I’m not talking bud light people, I’m talking home or micro brewed.) My husband was uber stoked. And I was, too. But the hostess was sick. Wahhh. So, we’re rescheduling.

But we had a babysitter, my niece.

It’s a dilemma if you have no where to go when the babysitter is on the way, no?


My dh called around and we managed a triple date.


I had the crab cakes and beet salad. YUMMMMM.

That Homemade Mexican fare I was supposed to have drifted out of my mind (yet, it still lingers in there somewhere, because I can’t stop thinking about the Mole that was on the Dinner Club menu).

Then, we went out for some TIKI Bar Punkness…..Psycho Suzies

So fun.

Sometimes, I forget how old I am. To a fifteen year old! My niece thinks I am a total geezer; she thinks 21 is old!!! So, I usually share my wisdom with her when I get home. It always goes like this:

“You be a good girl, mmkay?”
“Okayyyyyyyy, whatever.”
“No, really. Don’t ever smoke. It’s stupid.”
“I wouldn’t anyway. It’s gross.”
“Yeah, and you get wrinkles.”
“And, listen, you have like 75 years left of life so you don’t need to be in a hurry to do everything right now.”

She thinks I am totally weird. And old. And so it makes me feel like I don’t know how to be a good aunt. I mean, when I was 15 and I was hanging out with my aunts, I thought they were so beautiful and amazing and fun and TOTALLY COOL. And they were 35! But they were also twins and artists. And they helped me pierce my nose. And they brought me to get my license when my mom wouldn’t. Who wouldn’t think they were cool? Right?

Anyway, I really miss being 15 so I kinda live vicariously through my niece. Is that wrong? (ha!)

Saturday morning, like the weeee morning, like 2 am morning, my daughter got sick. Like, really, really, icky sick. That was no fun!

But my niece said, “yeah, I don’t ever want kids.” And I was thinking, “you go girl.” Because who wants to be 15 coming home from partying to a sick kid? That’s not for teenagers, that’s for thirtysomethings! ūüėČ

So, you see why I am lazy today; it’s been a lazy kind of weekend.

But I managed to take a few photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. yeehaw. I’ve missed doing it every week. It’s just been so busy ’round here, ya know. So, without further ado, here are my shots:

Capture the Sky:

The sky is so dreary today. So bleak. And this nest looks so abandoned.


I knit everyday. Constantly. Sometimes, my fingers feel numb. But I can’t stop.


Charlie is so furry, I can’t see his eyes.


Plants amaze me. I can’t wait for Spring!


I love darker photos. I love blurry backgrounds. I love it when you have to look closer to figure out what it is.

Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.


Honestly, keepin it real, yo!

Yesterday, as some of you know, I took down my blog.

My mother was livid. She said, “How could you! How dare you! That is your online journal. You NEED to keep it up. I am so sad. I am so mad.” And then she hung up on me.

And the more I thought about it, the more I thought she was right. I love this blog. It’s a great outlet for me, creatively and documental. But the thing is, if I am going to continue this blog, I am going to keep it more real. I am not going to feel stifled. I see nothing wrong with telling it like it is.

See, what happened was I got in a TIFF with my studly husband. {I didn’t think he was a stud at the time.} We said awful things to each other. It isn’t often that we do that, so it was an awful day. We were frustrated with each other. We disagreed on a parenting issue and it got out of hand. I said he was a ‘jerk,’ and he told me I spend too much time blogging and on facebook. And it really hit me in the heart when he said that, because it was true. I felt so ashamed.

Right away, I deleted my facebook account and took down my blog.

My mother hung up on me before I could tell her all of that. I needed someone to talk to. So, I called my brother. My dear brother. Why doesn’t he have a girlfriend? He is the best at giving advice. I told him about my TIFF with my husband and then with our mother. He laughed. It really was silly, me in a TIFF with two people then. Over silly stuff! My husband and I had been disagreeing over our 9 year old loading the dishwasher, of all things. My husband, you see, is very particular about how the dishes should be arranged in the dishwasher. And, well, I am not. So, that was the basis of the disagreement. Pretty silly, right? How does one compromise over an issue like that? Well, my brother said, tell your husband he can always do the dishes then. And we both got a good laugh. Then, he said, duh, when you are in relationships, there’s always going to be times when you don’t see eye to eye. Just make up. {Not his exact words, but you get the gist.}

My husband and I made up. And I told him about my mother and how upset she was over the blog. He couldn’t believe I took down the blog. He didn’t mean it that way, he said. And he didn’t really mean it anyway. And then HE was sad about my blog being down.

All this over the blog!!!

(and p.s. no one really cared about facebook.)

When my friend, Casey, emailed me about what happened to my blog, I was like, “ya know what, the blog is going back up.”

So that, my friends, is what happened. An honest blog entry on how awful my day was yesterday and also how such silly things get out of hand and how when you think your blog is just a wee little speck, it might be, but it’s a good speck to have, because there are a few people who like it and appreciate it and would miss ya if you went away and that feels… good. ¬†And anyway, compromise is good. ¬†And so is moderation. ¬†And so is keepin it real.

Totally Cool Tuesday

I’m feeling a little crabby lately. So, right now I hardly think anything is cool. I’ve been racking my brain…what’s cool? what’s cool? Nada. Except! My photography class. Yesterday, we learned about ISO. I never appreciated the significance of the ISO. Well, it’s quite important, yes. Here’s a sequence of shots I did showing just how much of a difference the ISO makes:
(all shots taken with f stop 5.6 and shutter speed 1/8, so the only thing I changed was the ISO)

Do you think that’s cool? I do. But I know if you’re not all about photography, you might not think it is. You might be like, huh! I think last week, I would’ve been like, huh!
So, this is for the non photo freaks. It’s a flower in the bouquet my husband bought me this week. awwww. That’s sweet AND cool, right?

Okay, I am going to go and get out of this funkity funk. I think I’ll go clean. Or sew. Or knit. Hrm….
In the mean time, link up! I wanna know what you think is cool. Leave a comment and I’ll be by to reply. ——>>> grab a button, too (if you want <3)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Hair (Justin Beiber Style!)

Looking up – These are the shadows on the ceiling that my chandelier produces. Do they not look like peace signs? Um, awesome!

A different view – the bell on the bottom of my wire moon I bought in Seattle years and years ago.

The Paper Mama
Half (Show)

Tell: This was my son’s idea. Is he brilliant or what? After he split the chip in half, he gave one half to his sister. Awwwww.
Photography love...

G’bye 2010, Hello 2011 (and my New Years Resolution)

G’bye 2010, Hello 2011 (and my New Years Resolution).

It’s me..

This is me trying to attempt “WHAT I WORE.” ¬†I need better lighting and a tripod, for sure. ¬†You can’t really see my lovely coat or my purple skirt. ¬†But oh well.

And since I had the camera out, I thought I’d take a picture of Charlie. ¬†This is totally in bad taste, but I cannot get the damn bear out of his mouth for a minute. ¬†

Anyhoo, I’ve been really at it trying to teach myself to sew. ¬†You should see the basement. ¬†It’s turned into scrap heaven and little pins everywhere. ¬†Maybe I’ll post some pics of my creations?


ah, the good things in life…

Brunch at my favorite restaurant.

The French Meadow.

I don’t know why I love it there so much. ¬†It’s a place where you have to hover. ¬†Y’know, stand around and wait for an open table and then snag it before someone else does. ¬†So, it’s not like you ever get great service, since you have to do everything yourself. ¬†And it’s crazy busy all the time! ¬†Like line around the block crazy. ¬†One might say its trendy. ¬†And perhaps it is. ¬†But it’s oh so awesome. ¬†You can get vegan, vegetarian, meat lovin. ¬†A cinnamon roll as big as a plate, breakfast quesadilla with homemade salsa, ahh the list goes on and on. ¬†And while everything is organic and fresh and baked and cooked right there, I always get a diet coke. ¬†Am I a total fanatic, or what? ¬†I seriously need to kick this stupid habit – diet coke drinking! ¬†Anyway, my friend, Casey, taught me this new photography trick – taking pictures ON THE TABLE. ¬†I took this one on the table and for some reason I just feel like it captures the good things from my Sunday: Being at French Meadow, drinking a diet coke, staring at the love of my life, soaking in the ambiance….