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craft show & goodwill

Saturday, I had another craft show. It was busy, but slow for me. If that made sense. The lady next to me, with her knock off Coach & Gucci purses, made a killing. I sold 2 fingerless mitts, a pumpkin hat, two pixie adult hats, and I got a custom order for a newborn baby set. Not too bad, but I spent all of my profit on some alpaca wool at a different booth. Ack, I am such a yarn freak! Here’s my blurry shot of my booth:


I learned a bunch this past weekend. Mainly,
1. Get up, don’t knit, talk to the peeps. They’ll buy more!!
2. Try & focus your efforts on 3 things. Having too many different items is overwhelming. I think I’ll keep diversity in my shop, but for shows, I’ll focus on streamlining.

Oh. And I was thinking, ‘everyone knits.’ Right? So, I think it’s high time I started to learn how to spin & hand dye. And also, I need to get all of my patterns written down. I’ve started taking photos of complicated things I do, so I am getting there….


Today, I went shopping at Goodwill. I love Goodwill. I haven’t had me a good trip to the Goodwill in a while though. I decided I have enough vintage sheets – and anyway, they’re starting to charge 5.99 and upwards for them – so I made a bee line for the dresses. And wouldn’tyaknowit, I ran into someone I knew. So, we gabbed and gabbed and gabbed some more. All gossip about the school system. See, once you become a parent, that’s just what happens. You gab and gossip about the whats and whys and doings of the school system, because you pay taxes and your kids go there doggonit, so you’ve got a say. RIGHT? Right. Anyway, the conversation got me all charged and ultimately gave me some good Goodwill juju.

I ended up with a Bitter coat (by SJP – that line is no longer available, so this was a major FIND!!), Gap jeans, and a Target sweater. All for under 20 dollahs. So, here I am modeling it for ya:


Tomorrow, I take the test for the city clerk position. I am so nervous!! I went to the library and got books on grammar. I’ve taken the sample tests and it isn’t looking good. I’m just not a test person. I panic. I sweat. My hands get a clammy and my mind goes blank. So, wish me luck for tomorrow.

❤ mommarocks


Life lessons & cool photos

I’m baaaack.

Last night, as I lay my head to sleep, I was thinking about this lil ol blog. How I’ve neglected it for so long. And I couldn’t wait to wake up to post again, to give this blog some lovin’. But, as it turns out, my daughter had a temp and I kept her home from school. So, this is my first chance to write somn’ (she’s napping).

What I was thinking about is that I want to start keeping a log of things that I’ve learned in my life. You know, leave a little legacy for my blogworld. So, without further ado, here’s what I came up with last night:

Life lessons number one:

1. Never, ever, ever buy a used vacuum cleaner.

Now, ponder that whilst I show you my photos of what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks:

We went to the drive in with some buddies:

L had a fashion show with a friend:

L got her ears pierced:

L has been obsessing about American Girl. These dollies are filling that void until she gets one for Christmas (which we never promised, but she seems to think so):

I had a crafting/ice cream party:

I finally wrote down one of my knit patterns. And two of my friends test knit it. Here’s my version:
(but check out my friend Kristy’s

I had my first craft show of the season (there’s tons left…it’s only October!!)

I went on a date night with my man. This is where we had dinner. They had a mashed potato bar. YUMMMM

and this is where we headed after that:
(pic from the rooftop bar at Crave in downtown MPLS)

I had chai with my friend:

And then took photos at Lake Calhoun:


Another friend bought a custom order of my very own pattern – in teal. And I crocheted a flower. I must say, it is pretty dang cute!

This crow was in our backyard for a few days. Really creeped me out.

And since I didn’t do justice for our Winnipeg Photos, here were my favorite two from our trip:


And that’s it in a nutshell.

Good day. The sick one just stirred….

Hello beautiful day.

Good day y’all. The weather has been fabulous. My body was getting used to being cold, so now that we have this heat spurt, I am having hot flashes. Either that or, like a fellow mom at my kid’s school seems to think we have in common, I must be starting menopause. (which I am NOT! Thankyouverymuch!)

I got out the good ol’ cammie and took some Fall photos.

sleeping gnome


Hello, it’s me.

Hey homies. I love summer!!!! I am not going to count the days until the end. Oh no. I am going to keep on keeping on….
Here’s what’s been goin’ on:
*It was our turn for Cooking Club. (Our theme was a Luau. We even did the LIMBO!)

*Doesn’t this look yummy?:

*We had the kids over, too, this time.

*I put some new items in the shop.

*DS’s baseball team all of sudden got really good the last couple of games. We won this game. The coach is pointing to all of the kids who made awesome plays. It really was exciting. They made it to the game before the championship game. But that was still pretty good. (considering the season. shh, I didn’t say that.)

*My niece came to one of the games. I think she was good luck. Here she is with DD:

*I have been working on my own knit designs. Here is a simple harter top. I am going to add fabric to make it into a little hippie top that can be a dress for a toddler and a top for older kids.

*Of course, I have been working in the garden. Does anyone know what this succulent is called (1st & last pic)? It started as just a little succulent close to the ground and then boom this year it is tall. I hope it does something fun next year, too. (I hope it doesn’t die.) (p.s. middle pic is lavender.)

*Look, my little baby is this close to riding a bike without training wheels.

*And look at this – she also finished T-ball this week. Her team won. So did the other team. (That’s how T-ball rolls ’round here.)

*We went to Valleyfair. (Amusement park)

*DH is the only one that rides the rollercoasters. The rest of us ride the kiddie rides:

*I made chalkboards for the kids. This is my new (& brilliant) chore chart idea.

*And last, but not least, I sewed a table cloth. It is custom fit and with ruffles! I am oh so proud.

**********That’s all dudes & dudettes. I’ll be back again soon….. xxoo mommarocks

oh deary me…

You’re wondering how my trip to Disney World was. Well, it was FANTABULOUS! I took over 700 photos and edited them down to 480. Yet, I picked out my faves and created a collage just for your amusement:

I’ve been home for a week. But my goodness, it sure does take a lot to get back into the swing of things. Laundry! Sleep schedules! Etc.
And I had to get my postcards for the postcard swap in order. Good thing my kids were excited to help me. Here’s another collage of our process:

I sent out 10 postcards to places all over the world: Canada, Hungary, Germany, and many places in the US.
To date, I have received 4 very awesome postcards of my own; the art work of these artists is ahhhhmazzzing!
Well, my Spring Boutique is in just over 2 weeks so I have a lot of finishing up to do. Mainly a lot of sewing. My sewing machine is in the basement and it’s so cold down there, even when I crank up the heat. And not only that, but the weather has been uber nice here this week. Not as nice as Florida, but still nice. So, my family and I have been spending a lot of time outside.
I am very anxious to garden. BUT I KNOW BETTER! There was a huuuge line at the garden center this weekend. I couldn’t blame them, I wanted to get a head start, too. But alas, wouldn’t ya know it – the weather just turned and snow shall be coming by weekend.
Anyway, I wanted to share something with you before signing off…it’s my new favorite site:
and look at this:
Crochet Stall
Too cool. I need to seriously start getting into yarn bombing…..

Totally Cool Wednesday

You know what would be totally cool?
If we had more than 24 hours in a day. Or if we never had to sleep. Or if we had super powers.
Actually, I do have a super power.
You are going to think it’s funny, but it’s totally real.
I can get really good parking spots.
Every time.
A front row spot.
Drive with me sometime, I’ll show you.
Anyway, it’s been an uber busy week.
DD had her dance photos.

Um, how cute is that?
I’ve been knitting and knitting and more knitting.

I’m preparing for Spring & Summer so I have been knitting lots with cotton. Cotton feels so different on my hands than wool.
Charlie got a haircut.

An expensive haircut I must add.
I went to the doctor on Monday and had a cat scan to figure out what’s the dealio with my chronic sinus infections. Is that TMI? Well, it’s Wednesday and they still haven’t gotten back to me, so I guess that means it’s not a pressing issue. I’m thinking I probably have a deviated septum. If so, I’ll have to get surgery. A nose job. I know my nose is a little quirky, but I like it. So, I don’t know how I’d feel about a nose job.
My dd went to the doctor on Tuesday, because she always complains of a tummy ache. I know it’s something a lot of 5 year olds complain about (I looked it up on the net), but I wanted a professional opinion. Well, for the next two weeks she has to be on a lactose free diet. Do you know how hard just the last two days have been? This kid lives on dairy! Cheese sticks, yogurt, butter, milk, ice cream, chocolate, cheesy broccoli…oy. So, I went to the store to get substitutes. Soy yogurt, soy cheese, almond milk… Did you ever notice how soy cheese doesn’t melt? uck.
Tuesday night, my ds had a poetry open house at his school. It was really cool. They’ve been talking about creative expressions all month, so that was the premier of all their hard work. My ds recited a Silverstein poem on video. It goes like this:
Lazy Jane
He also wrote a few poems, but I don’t know those off hand.
Tomorrow, he has an Orchestra Performance. This kid is a brilliant violinist.
I don’t mind him playing at home. You’d think I’d want to pull my hair out, but I like the feeling of having craziness all around, dinner on the stove, then in our tummies, then the screeching sounds of the violin. I feel like…ahh, this is parenting. This is home. It’s quite unusual, probably. But I feel proud of this little family, my home.
Except when the dogs howl as the violin plays. That part I don’t like.
Anyway, that’s a bunch of coolness right there for ya. What do you think is cool? Comment and I’ll stop by.
Till then….
Here’s a photo of me and my kiddos. (Apparently, I’ve kind of abandoned my 52 weeks of me project. Now, I think I will just try and post a photo of me at least once a week. It’s interesting to see myself on here. I’m usually behind the camera. But I like being in front of it, too.)


random anecdotes and a photo scavenger hunt

Hello Sunshines.

It’s Sunday and I feel lazy.

On Friday, I was supposed to go to a friend’s house for “Dinner Club.” Dinner Club is the newest & coolest thing that my knitting buddies came up with. See, we love hanging out with each other so much on knitting nights that we thought it would be fun if we got our hubbies to get in on our hipness, too. Except they don’t knit. But they are all foodies and Beeries. Wait, what are you called if you love beer? (and I’m not talking bud light people, I’m talking home or micro brewed.) My husband was uber stoked. And I was, too. But the hostess was sick. Wahhh. So, we’re rescheduling.

But we had a babysitter, my niece.

It’s a dilemma if you have no where to go when the babysitter is on the way, no?


My dh called around and we managed a triple date.


I had the crab cakes and beet salad. YUMMMMM.

That Homemade Mexican fare I was supposed to have drifted out of my mind (yet, it still lingers in there somewhere, because I can’t stop thinking about the Mole that was on the Dinner Club menu).

Then, we went out for some TIKI Bar Punkness…..Psycho Suzies

So fun.

Sometimes, I forget how old I am. To a fifteen year old! My niece thinks I am a total geezer; she thinks 21 is old!!! So, I usually share my wisdom with her when I get home. It always goes like this:

“You be a good girl, mmkay?”
“Okayyyyyyyy, whatever.”
“No, really. Don’t ever smoke. It’s stupid.”
“I wouldn’t anyway. It’s gross.”
“Yeah, and you get wrinkles.”
“And, listen, you have like 75 years left of life so you don’t need to be in a hurry to do everything right now.”

She thinks I am totally weird. And old. And so it makes me feel like I don’t know how to be a good aunt. I mean, when I was 15 and I was hanging out with my aunts, I thought they were so beautiful and amazing and fun and TOTALLY COOL. And they were 35! But they were also twins and artists. And they helped me pierce my nose. And they brought me to get my license when my mom wouldn’t. Who wouldn’t think they were cool? Right?

Anyway, I really miss being 15 so I kinda live vicariously through my niece. Is that wrong? (ha!)

Saturday morning, like the weeee morning, like 2 am morning, my daughter got sick. Like, really, really, icky sick. That was no fun!

But my niece said, “yeah, I don’t ever want kids.” And I was thinking, “you go girl.” Because who wants to be 15 coming home from partying to a sick kid? That’s not for teenagers, that’s for thirtysomethings! 😉

So, you see why I am lazy today; it’s been a lazy kind of weekend.

But I managed to take a few photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. yeehaw. I’ve missed doing it every week. It’s just been so busy ’round here, ya know. So, without further ado, here are my shots:

Capture the Sky:

The sky is so dreary today. So bleak. And this nest looks so abandoned.


I knit everyday. Constantly. Sometimes, my fingers feel numb. But I can’t stop.


Charlie is so furry, I can’t see his eyes.


Plants amaze me. I can’t wait for Spring!


I love darker photos. I love blurry backgrounds. I love it when you have to look closer to figure out what it is.

Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday.