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My oh my, I have some catching up to do. It’s been a full two weeks, that’s for sure.

Last weekend, my friend, Kristy, and I worked the HandmadeMN Market. It was the first time I had a real partner. I’ve brought my niece & kids before, but they just sit there rolling their eyes. This time, Kristy helped me sell, sell, sell. Yeehaw. She also brought some things she made, which were soooooo cute & adorable. AND a couple of peeps came by offering to put our things in their stores. AWESOME, riiight?

After the craft show, we went to the West Bank (by the U of M) to see my husband’s friend’s band (wait! Was that correct punctuation? Ever since my test, I have been second guessing myself!), called The Formal Age.

This past week, my son went on a grade wide camping trip to an environmental school. Being the mom that I am, I only half let him go without me. I spent one of the three days with him ๐Ÿ˜‰
csc11.19csc11.22csc11.7DSC_0018(It was sooooo cold that day!)

And since I had my camera on the way home, I thought I’d take some photos while driving. Shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell my mom. or the cops. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here was my best one:

And since I spent a day with my little 5th grader, why not spend one with my kindergartener, too?


Last year was a real sucky school year for my 4th grader (now a 5th grader), but this year is totally RAD! And I looove my kindergartener’s teacher. It’s been only 2 months and my daughter is already practically reading chapter books.

Well, tomorrow is Halloween. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

Charlie in a cow suit:

DS in some funky glasses:

And guess what?! I got a job. It’s a temp job, but it will suffice. And the hours work so we don’t have to get daycare (except on school days off – and boy, there sure are a lot of em) and the term ends just before Summer. So, wouldn’t it be perfect if I could just work temp jobs all year and have the summer’s off? OR, better yet, I will get my dream job of being a school secretary. I’m sending this dream out into the web orb, hoping it will come true…..

Anyway, in the time being, wish me lots of luck and have a HAPPY HALLLLLOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.

โค mommarocks


anniversary & test scores

Friday, October 14th, was my wedding anniversary. I’ve been married 5 years to an awesome dude. We’ve been together 8 years. To celebrate, we went on a date.
We had dinner at Heartland in St. Paul. I wish I would’ve written down what our exact dishes were. Their menu changes everyday, so I only have pictures to offer you. We each had a three course meal. He had the Flauna (meat), I had the Flora (veggie).



After dinner, we went to a show at the Ordway. We saw Come Fly Away With Me. It was a night to remember, for sure. Let’s just saw I was SHOCKED! I just read the description for the first time (my husband picked it out) and if I had read it before I went I would’ve never realized that the Swinging Night Club was an ACTUAL Swinging nightclub. As in, there was a lot of SWINGING, wink wink, if you get my gist. It was very sexy, very seductive, very much not for the prudes. which is what I felt like when in the middle of the show, the dancers started stripping & grinding on stage. I looked around to gather the audience’s reaction (my husband and I were probably the youngest in the crowd) (it was Frank Sinatra music, after all). To my surprise, the elders enjoyed rather fully and even gave a standing ovation!!!!! It was a very fun, sexy night.

The next night, we went to our monthly Dinner Club gathering. This month’s theme was Northern Indian. It was a rather enjoyable time had by all and the food was super yummy & true to its ethnicity. If you ever have a chance to do a dinner club, do it!!! It really is fun to get together and be foodies for an evening.

Oh, but mostly important, I took my husband on a little adventure to get a pedicure. Yup, that’s right. You see, I would offer to do his nails, but why not just have someone else do it? So, that’s what we did. We got the luxury pedicure. So, we had a sea salt scrub and a clay mask – all on our feet. All the while we sat in a massage chair!!! It was very pleasurable.


What a busy weekend.

We also went bowling with the kids and my brother & niece.

And we went shopping at TJ Maxx where I got some new sunnies. do you like?

And now for the big news………..

I received my test score from the Administrative Assistant test. I got 111/136, 81%. But I did not make it to the next level (an interview). They were taking 90% and above. Gosh darn. Yesterday, I received two rejection letters. This is getting old.

More on my job hunt…and more of ……..

Well, yesterday, I took that dreaded gosh darn Administrative Assistant test. It was loads of fun. Yeah, right! Okay, let me tell you about the work situation goin’ on ’round here. … For this job that I am applying for, there were 616 other applicants. I made the first cut, because I have the qualifying experience (2+ years). That leaves 230 applicants. Of those, 180 registered to take the test. There were four test times to choose from. In my particular time slot, which was at noon yesterday, I was 1 in approximately 70. I arrived early. A half hour early. (I know, righhht!). I am a people watcher, it’s what I do. For fun. So, it was quite an interesting half hour to watch my competition roll in.

There were the older ladies in their business suits. Older ladies with their gold sparkly flip flops and big hair. There were people who smelled like they hadn’t taken a bath in over a month. People who didn’t brush their hair. There were men. Sloppy looking men and, yet, well put together men. There were people who took the time to pay attention to how they appeared and those who didn’t. There were people who smiled and more that didn’t. It was very humbling.

When the test finally began, I was all nerves. I am a bad test taker. Or maybe I have bad grammar. The first section of the test was grammar. Oh, and did I mention that this was a paper test, one that we had to fill in bubbles (helllooo, isn’t that so 1995?)? I sped through the test, and since I had time, I went back and changed all of my answers. FAIL. Well, probably. Okay, I told myself, do NOT do that on the next section. Oh, did I also mention that each section was timed? Yeah, fun times. Anyway, I just went with my gut through the rest of the sections. They were punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and filing.
Here are some sample questions that I have been fretting over since I took the test:

1. Which is correct:
a. Mr. Jones’s golf clubs are in the garage.
b. Mr. Jones’ golf clubs are in the garage.

2. Which is correct:
a. Washington D.C. is our Capitol.
b. Washington D.C. is our Capital.

I started to panic. Capitol, Capital. Mr. Jones’s or Mr. Jones’? I could hardly recognize the words (nor the rules). I had to write them on a separate piece of paper. Test them out. Do you ever have to do that? You look at a word you’ve written a bazillion times and all of a sudden, you are not sure that it’s even a word.

Well, turns out, after research on the net, I was correct in both instances. Who knows if I got anything else correct though. The test was one and a half hours. Good times, I told ya. It’s good experience though, right? …. I’ll know in a week if I passed and my status, if I make it to the next cut; the interview.

Well, darlings, as I try to find my way in the world by trying to find a job so I can rake in some dough, I’ve also been spending my time doing other things, too.

Like, blogging. ๐Ÿ˜€

And going to see my man at lunch time:


And knitting.

And shopping……look at these cute rain boots, y’allz – they’re so radical!
(and I look so silly!)


(Rad is my favorite word. So look what my friend sent me:

so funny!)

And getting the kids all ready for school. Check out this shirt a friend of mine made:


And y’know, there’s never enough time in a day, so there’re always things to do….

laters skaters,
xxoo mommarocks

craft show & goodwill

Saturday, I had another craft show. It was busy, but slow for me. If that made sense. The lady next to me, with her knock off Coach & Gucci purses, made a killing. I sold 2 fingerless mitts, a pumpkin hat, two pixie adult hats, and I got a custom order for a newborn baby set. Not too bad, but I spent all of my profit on some alpaca wool at a different booth. Ack, I am such a yarn freak! Here’s my blurry shot of my booth:


I learned a bunch this past weekend. Mainly,
1. Get up, don’t knit, talk to the peeps. They’ll buy more!!
2. Try & focus your efforts on 3 things. Having too many different items is overwhelming. I think I’ll keep diversity in my shop, but for shows, I’ll focus on streamlining.

Oh. And I was thinking, ‘everyone knits.’ Right? So, I think it’s high time I started to learn how to spin & hand dye. And also, I need to get all of my patterns written down. I’ve started taking photos of complicated things I do, so I am getting there….


Today, I went shopping at Goodwill. I love Goodwill. I haven’t had me a good trip to the Goodwill in a while though. I decided I have enough vintage sheets – and anyway, they’re starting to charge 5.99 and upwards for them – so I made a bee line for the dresses. And wouldn’tyaknowit, I ran into someone I knew. So, we gabbed and gabbed and gabbed some more. All gossip about the school system. See, once you become a parent, that’s just what happens. You gab and gossip about the whats and whys and doings of the school system, because you pay taxes and your kids go there doggonit, so you’ve got a say. RIGHT? Right. Anyway, the conversation got me all charged and ultimately gave me some good Goodwill juju.

I ended up with a Bitter coat (by SJP – that line is no longer available, so this was a major FIND!!), Gap jeans, and a Target sweater. All for under 20 dollahs. So, here I am modeling it for ya:


Tomorrow, I take the test for the city clerk position. I am so nervous!! I went to the library and got books on grammar. I’ve taken the sample tests and it isn’t looking good. I’m just not a test person. I panic. I sweat. My hands get a clammy and my mind goes blank. So, wish me luck for tomorrow.

โค mommarocks

circle of life

Today, my daughter told me that ‘when something dies, it is the circle of life.’ And I thought that was a good lesson. I asked her where she heard it, if it was from Lion King, and she said she heard it on “Shake it Up” (a preteenish kind of show on Disney). She’s growing up too fast.

So, life lesson #2: TV isn’t THAT bad, is it?

By the way, she told me this when we were in the waiting room at the pharmacy. Turns out she has strep. Great. I swear, if the other kid gets it, too, I’m gonna…I’m gonna go after that strep and strangle it.

Have a good weekend, y’all. Tomorrow, I have another craft show. So, wish me luck!

A post wouldn’t be the same without a photo, so here’s one to make ya giggle:


Life lessons & cool photos

I’m baaaack.

Last night, as I lay my head to sleep, I was thinking about this lil ol blog. How I’ve neglected it for so long. And I couldn’t wait to wake up to post again, to give this blog some lovin’. But, as it turns out, my daughter had a temp and I kept her home from school. So, this is my first chance to write somn’ (she’s napping).

What I was thinking about is that I want to start keeping a log of things that I’ve learned in my life. You know, leave a little legacy for my blogworld. So, without further ado, here’s what I came up with last night:

Life lessons number one:

1. Never, ever, ever buy a used vacuum cleaner.

Now, ponder that whilst I show you my photos of what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks:

We went to the drive in with some buddies:

L had a fashion show with a friend:

L got her ears pierced:

L has been obsessing about American Girl. These dollies are filling that void until she gets one for Christmas (which we never promised, but she seems to think so):

I had a crafting/ice cream party:

I finally wrote down one of my knit patterns. And two of my friends test knit it. Here’s my version:
(but check out my friend Kristy’s

I had my first craft show of the season (there’s tons left…it’s only October!!)

I went on a date night with my man. This is where we had dinner. They had a mashed potato bar. YUMMMM

and this is where we headed after that:
(pic from the rooftop bar at Crave in downtown MPLS)

I had chai with my friend:

And then took photos at Lake Calhoun:


Another friend bought a custom order of my very own pattern – in teal. And I crocheted a flower. I must say, it is pretty dang cute!

This crow was in our backyard for a few days. Really creeped me out.

And since I didn’t do justice for our Winnipeg Photos, here were my favorite two from our trip:


And that’s it in a nutshell.

Good day. The sick one just stirred….

Hello beautiful day.

Good day y’all. The weather has been fabulous. My body was getting used to being cold, so now that we have this heat spurt, I am having hot flashes. Either that or, like a fellow mom at my kid’s school seems to think we have in common, I must be starting menopause. (which I am NOT! Thankyouverymuch!)

I got out the good ol’ cammie and took some Fall photos.

sleeping gnome