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More on my job hunt…and more of ……..

Well, yesterday, I took that dreaded gosh darn Administrative Assistant test. It was loads of fun. Yeah, right! Okay, let me tell you about the work situation goin’ on ’round here. … For this job that I am applying for, there were 616 other applicants. I made the first cut, because I have the qualifying experience (2+ years). That leaves 230 applicants. Of those, 180 registered to take the test. There were four test times to choose from. In my particular time slot, which was at noon yesterday, I was 1 in approximately 70. I arrived early. A half hour early. (I know, righhht!). I am a people watcher, it’s what I do. For fun. So, it was quite an interesting half hour to watch my competition roll in.

There were the older ladies in their business suits. Older ladies with their gold sparkly flip flops and big hair. There were people who smelled like they hadn’t taken a bath in over a month. People who didn’t brush their hair. There were men. Sloppy looking men and, yet, well put together men. There were people who took the time to pay attention to how they appeared and those who didn’t. There were people who smiled and more that didn’t. It was very humbling.

When the test finally began, I was all nerves. I am a bad test taker. Or maybe I have bad grammar. The first section of the test was grammar. Oh, and did I mention that this was a paper test, one that we had to fill in bubbles (helllooo, isn’t that so 1995?)? I sped through the test, and since I had time, I went back and changed all of my answers. FAIL. Well, probably. Okay, I told myself, do NOT do that on the next section. Oh, did I also mention that each section was timed? Yeah, fun times. Anyway, I just went with my gut through the rest of the sections. They were punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and filing.
Here are some sample questions that I have been fretting over since I took the test:

1. Which is correct:
a. Mr. Jones’s golf clubs are in the garage.
b. Mr. Jones’ golf clubs are in the garage.

2. Which is correct:
a. Washington D.C. is our Capitol.
b. Washington D.C. is our Capital.

I started to panic. Capitol, Capital. Mr. Jones’s or Mr. Jones’? I could hardly recognize the words (nor the rules). I had to write them on a separate piece of paper. Test them out. Do you ever have to do that? You look at a word you’ve written a bazillion times and all of a sudden, you are not sure that it’s even a word.

Well, turns out, after research on the net, I was correct in both instances. Who knows if I got anything else correct though. The test was one and a half hours. Good times, I told ya. It’s good experience though, right? …. I’ll know in a week if I passed and my status, if I make it to the next cut; the interview.

Well, darlings, as I try to find my way in the world by trying to find a job so I can rake in some dough, I’ve also been spending my time doing other things, too.

Like, blogging. ๐Ÿ˜€

And going to see my man at lunch time:


And knitting.

And shopping……look at these cute rain boots, y’allz – they’re so radical!
(and I look so silly!)


(Rad is my favorite word. So look what my friend sent me:

so funny!)

And getting the kids all ready for school. Check out this shirt a friend of mine made:


And y’know, there’s never enough time in a day, so there’re always things to do….

laters skaters,
xxoo mommarocks


Hello, it’s me.

Hey homies. I love summer!!!! I am not going to count the days until the end. Oh no. I am going to keep on keeping on….
Here’s what’s been goin’ on:
*It was our turn for Cooking Club. (Our theme was a Luau. We even did the LIMBO!)

*Doesn’t this look yummy?:

*We had the kids over, too, this time.

*I put some new items in the shop.

*DS’s baseball team all of sudden got really good the last couple of games. We won this game. The coach is pointing to all of the kids who made awesome plays. It really was exciting. They made it to the game before the championship game. But that was still pretty good. (considering the season. shh, I didn’t say that.)

*My niece came to one of the games. I think she was good luck. Here she is with DD:

*I have been working on my own knit designs. Here is a simple harter top. I am going to add fabric to make it into a little hippie top that can be a dress for a toddler and a top for older kids.

*Of course, I have been working in the garden. Does anyone know what this succulent is called (1st & last pic)? It started as just a little succulent close to the ground and then boom this year it is tall. I hope it does something fun next year, too. (I hope it doesn’t die.) (p.s. middle pic is lavender.)

*Look, my little baby is this close to riding a bike without training wheels.

*And look at this – she also finished T-ball this week. Her team won. So did the other team. (That’s how T-ball rolls ’round here.)

*We went to Valleyfair. (Amusement park)

*DH is the only one that rides the rollercoasters. The rest of us ride the kiddie rides:

*I made chalkboards for the kids. This is my new (& brilliant) chore chart idea.

*And last, but not least, I sewed a table cloth. It is custom fit and with ruffles! I am oh so proud.

**********That’s all dudes & dudettes. I’ll be back again soon….. xxoo mommarocks

who’s that hottie?

This is me & my main squeeze in the photo booth (our bedroom, on the mac):

and for good measure (to make up for my last picture in my last post (because I still can’t stop hating it)); me:

Although I still do look a little freakish.

But guess what!!! Good news… I lost 4lbs last week. I am just over the moon about this. I feel like such a fatty lately. Technically, I am overweight. It just isn’t a good feeling. especially when I have muffin top going on. So, I joined Jenny Craig as a desperate measure. And I managed to lose 4lbs my first official week. wooot wooot. If I keep this up, I’ll be at my goal (30lbs) by mid summer. And myabe, just maybe I’ll wear a bikini (nah, kidding!)

But, but! There’s always a but. It’s also hot dog stand season and hot dogs are my favorite. So, I’m going to need all the will power I can muster…

See ya, mommarocks

Totally Cool Wednesday

You know what would be totally cool?
If we had more than 24 hours in a day. Or if we never had to sleep. Or if we had super powers.
Actually, I do have a super power.
You are going to think it’s funny, but it’s totally real.
I can get really good parking spots.
Every time.
A front row spot.
Drive with me sometime, I’ll show you.
Anyway, it’s been an uber busy week.
DD had her dance photos.

Um, how cute is that?
I’ve been knitting and knitting and more knitting.

I’m preparing for Spring & Summer so I have been knitting lots with cotton. Cotton feels so different on my hands than wool.
Charlie got a haircut.

An expensive haircut I must add.
I went to the doctor on Monday and had a cat scan to figure out what’s the dealio with my chronic sinus infections. Is that TMI? Well, it’s Wednesday and they still haven’t gotten back to me, so I guess that means it’s not a pressing issue. I’m thinking I probably have a deviated septum. If so, I’ll have to get surgery. A nose job. I know my nose is a little quirky, but I like it. So, I don’t know how I’d feel about a nose job.
My dd went to the doctor on Tuesday, because she always complains of a tummy ache. I know it’s something a lot of 5 year olds complain about (I looked it up on the net), but I wanted a professional opinion. Well, for the next two weeks she has to be on a lactose free diet. Do you know how hard just the last two days have been? This kid lives on dairy! Cheese sticks, yogurt, butter, milk, ice cream, chocolate, cheesy broccoli…oy. So, I went to the store to get substitutes. Soy yogurt, soy cheese, almond milk… Did you ever notice how soy cheese doesn’t melt? uck.
Tuesday night, my ds had a poetry open house at his school. It was really cool. They’ve been talking about creative expressions all month, so that was the premier of all their hard work. My ds recited a Silverstein poem on video. It goes like this:
Lazy Jane
He also wrote a few poems, but I don’t know those off hand.
Tomorrow, he has an Orchestra Performance. This kid is a brilliant violinist.
I don’t mind him playing at home. You’d think I’d want to pull my hair out, but I like the feeling of having craziness all around, dinner on the stove, then in our tummies, then the screeching sounds of the violin. I feel like…ahh, this is parenting. This is home. It’s quite unusual, probably. But I feel proud of this little family, my home.
Except when the dogs howl as the violin plays. That part I don’t like.
Anyway, that’s a bunch of coolness right there for ya. What do you think is cool? Comment and I’ll stop by.
Till then….
Here’s a photo of me and my kiddos. (Apparently, I’ve kind of abandoned my 52 weeks of me project. Now, I think I will just try and post a photo of me at least once a week. It’s interesting to see myself on here. I’m usually behind the camera. But I like being in front of it, too.)


Totally Cool Tuesday

I cannot believe it’s been a week since I last posted. I’ve been on the net; it’s not like I’ve been ignoring the bloghood.

So, what’s my dealio?

Well, it has been kinda busy ’round here.

I’ve been knitting tons, because a friend of mine is having a Fundraiser Boutique in April.

It’s the same boutique I knit for last year. I sell my stuff, then give a portion to two different charities. The charities, if you’re interested, are Hope Academy & Freedom Firm. Two very great organizations. Click on their links. I’m very proud to be a part of the boutique because of them, but also because my friend puts it on and she is a totally awesome artist & also I do make a little money myself. What I am saying is that it is a win win situation, if ya know what I mean and I think that you do.

Knitting takes up a lot of my time, but so does partying!


Here’s me drinking beer out of a boot. (and I’m using this pic as my Project 52, pictures of me. Not really connected to parenting, but it’s the only picture of me from the last 2 weeks.)

It’s this game you play at this German bar in Nordeast. You take turns sipping, if you don’t flick the side or if you get splashed, you drink again. The person who finishes it buys a new one and the game starts again until everyone is totally blitzed. But we only did one round, so no worries! I refused to be the last to finish it, I was starting to get the heebies from all that back wash, if you must know.

But besides partying, I’ve been having play dates galore. Well, not galore. But I did have one.

I saw a friend’s new weee little baby and made him a knitted gnomey hat.

Oh and we got snowed in and I didn’t change out of my pajamas for two days. It snowed 2 feet!!! I don’t have any pictures of that. I am pretty mad at snow right now. It was so nice, I fell into the trap of believing spring was near. I saw grass!!!!!! I was starting to draw out plans for the gardens. I was making plans for decorating the deck. I was making a calendar of summer events. Then, BAM! 2 feet of snow. Reality check. Spring will be here in 3 months, not 3 days. Ugh. So, I am tired of snow. Tired of pictures of snow. Tired of winter.

YET! I could never get tired of my dear daughter getting dressed up on her daddy’s winter gear:

Could there be anything more totally cool? Uhh, no.

So, there ya have it.

What do you think is totally cool?

Guess what.

On Fridays over at, Leigh posts a funny picture and invites all to add a caption. She and a friend then decide who is the funniest and the winner gets a Funniest Blogger Award. I’ve always wanted to play. But I’m not that witty. I mean, yeah, I’m funny, but I ‘m not witty. My mom is. So, I asked my mom if she wanted to play. And she won!!! Yay for me, because then I get the blog award. And my mom gets to feel awesome. It’s a win win situation. Ha. Face it, me n’ my mom totally rock!

Here was the picture and her caption:
“I just don’t know what she sees in me.”

is the funniest blogger in all the land.
Tell Monica congratulations for me!

Now head on over to her blog
and marvel at this fantastic award she just earned
to proudly display forever.

And here’s the award:

Crazy Buffet = Crazy Photo Opps

Today, we went out for a belated Christmas gathering with my dad at Crazy Buffet.

You know you have a photo taking problem when you lift your head and see a broken chandelier and a photo opp at the same time and then you look at your husband with bright eyes and he says, “photo for later?” And you reply, “heck ya.”

Cool, right?

Anyway, it’s also apparent you have a problem when you focus in on the food and not the people:

ESPECIALLY when it’s not even the food on your own plate!!!


okay, off to go alter more clothes. I’m on a roll. I just hope I am brave enough to wear all of my new creations. Just wait and see!