More on my job hunt…and more of ……..

Well, yesterday, I took that dreaded gosh darn Administrative Assistant test. It was loads of fun. Yeah, right! Okay, let me tell you about the work situation goin’ on ’round here. … For this job that I am applying for, there were 616 other applicants. I made the first cut, because I have the qualifying experience (2+ years). That leaves 230 applicants. Of those, 180 registered to take the test. There were four test times to choose from. In my particular time slot, which was at noon yesterday, I was 1 in approximately 70. I arrived early. A half hour early. (I know, righhht!). I am a people watcher, it’s what I do. For fun. So, it was quite an interesting half hour to watch my competition roll in.

There were the older ladies in their business suits. Older ladies with their gold sparkly flip flops and big hair. There were people who smelled like they hadn’t taken a bath in over a month. People who didn’t brush their hair. There were men. Sloppy looking men and, yet, well put together men. There were people who took the time to pay attention to how they appeared and those who didn’t. There were people who smiled and more that didn’t. It was very humbling.

When the test finally began, I was all nerves. I am a bad test taker. Or maybe I have bad grammar. The first section of the test was grammar. Oh, and did I mention that this was a paper test, one that we had to fill in bubbles (helllooo, isn’t that so 1995?)? I sped through the test, and since I had time, I went back and changed all of my answers. FAIL. Well, probably. Okay, I told myself, do NOT do that on the next section. Oh, did I also mention that each section was timed? Yeah, fun times. Anyway, I just went with my gut through the rest of the sections. They were punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and filing.
Here are some sample questions that I have been fretting over since I took the test:

1. Which is correct:
a. Mr. Jones’s golf clubs are in the garage.
b. Mr. Jones’ golf clubs are in the garage.

2. Which is correct:
a. Washington D.C. is our Capitol.
b. Washington D.C. is our Capital.

I started to panic. Capitol, Capital. Mr. Jones’s or Mr. Jones’? I could hardly recognize the words (nor the rules). I had to write them on a separate piece of paper. Test them out. Do you ever have to do that? You look at a word you’ve written a bazillion times and all of a sudden, you are not sure that it’s even a word.

Well, turns out, after research on the net, I was correct in both instances. Who knows if I got anything else correct though. The test was one and a half hours. Good times, I told ya. It’s good experience though, right? …. I’ll know in a week if I passed and my status, if I make it to the next cut; the interview.

Well, darlings, as I try to find my way in the world by trying to find a job so I can rake in some dough, I’ve also been spending my time doing other things, too.

Like, blogging. 😀

And going to see my man at lunch time:


And knitting.

And shopping……look at these cute rain boots, y’allz – they’re so radical!
(and I look so silly!)


(Rad is my favorite word. So look what my friend sent me:

so funny!)

And getting the kids all ready for school. Check out this shirt a friend of mine made:


And y’know, there’s never enough time in a day, so there’re always things to do….

laters skaters,
xxoo mommarocks


4 responses to “More on my job hunt…and more of ……..

  1. I have never heard of such a test… and THAT MANY APPLICANTS FOR ONE JOB?????

    i have my fingers crossed for you! I am a terrible test taker….

  2. I know – so insane!
    (Thank you!)

  3. Yeah, its pretty cut throat out there. You’ll do fine. You obviously know how to spin a yarn (double entandra).

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