circle of life

Today, my daughter told me that ‘when something dies, it is the circle of life.’ And I thought that was a good lesson. I asked her where she heard it, if it was from Lion King, and she said she heard it on “Shake it Up” (a preteenish kind of show on Disney). She’s growing up too fast.

So, life lesson #2: TV isn’t THAT bad, is it?

By the way, she told me this when we were in the waiting room at the pharmacy. Turns out she has strep. Great. I swear, if the other kid gets it, too, I’m gonna…I’m gonna go after that strep and strangle it.

Have a good weekend, y’all. Tomorrow, I have another craft show. So, wish me luck!

A post wouldn’t be the same without a photo, so here’s one to make ya giggle:



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