My job hunt…

Here I am again. Can I get a WHAT!!
My husband said my last post was too short. Ha! And even though he’s been there with me all this time (since my previous post (before the last)), he wants me to document what I’ve been doing. Aww, aint that sweet. So, here goes:

As you know, my little darling started kindergarten. So, I have two kids in school all day. The first week was very rough for me, because I realized how much I missed my little best friends (especially my daughter – shhhhhhhh!!!). I kept busy doing stuff around the house, mostly painting and rearranging. I gave myself a week to do all of that, because I thought I’d find a job the next week. Yup, I really thought that. Woops. Where have I been for the last five years? Oh, that’s right! I’ve been a stay at home mom. Before that, I could apply for a job and get it, simple as that. I have a degree, a good personality (I like to think), I’m pretty smart…Dangit, the work world has changed since I was last a part of it. I’ve never had so many rejection letters. So, two weeks later, I applied at a temp agency. I drove downtown and got all dressed up. Oh, here’s a couple of shots I got while down there:
I’m diverting here, but I just have to tell you how funny it is to take photos downtown. Every time I aimed my camera, at least 5 people would look to see what I was taking a picture of. And then they’d look perplexed; ‘what’s so interesting about that building?’ It was amusing.
When I walked into the temp agency, it was PACKED! I had used this temp agency before ( about 15 years ago) and the last time I was there, it was a quiet place. One where you could go, spend a little time choosing what you want to do and when, etc…. Well, well, times have changed. Immediately, I realized I even have competition at the temp agency. It feels really weird to be in this predicament. I’ve always felt special, but I don’t know anymore…
Woe is me.
Since then, I’ve had more rejection letters. But today! Today, I learned that I made it to the next level for a city clerk position. I didn’t get an interview. I get to take a test. Yay. I’ve never been so excited to take a test. If I have a top score, I will pass to the next level: the interview.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot and I have a bunch of photos, but I am going to finish tomorrow. I am so bored, I need to have something to look forward to. And blog peeps, I’m turning to you for my entertainment 😉

So, I’ll see you tomorrow with some photos of what I’ve been doing the last few weeks…..


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