Hello beautiful day.

Good day y’all. The weather has been fabulous. My body was getting used to being cold, so now that we have this heat spurt, I am having hot flashes. Either that or, like a fellow mom at my kid’s school seems to think we have in common, I must be starting menopause. (which I am NOT! Thankyouverymuch!)

I got out the good ol’ cammie and took some Fall photos.

sleeping gnome



3 responses to “Hello beautiful day.

  1. I love those garden trolls! 🙂 Great photos and enjoy your weather. It’s cold and rainy, and I’v finally shut the windows here. Hopefully, we’ll get the sun back soon! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the sunny photos!

  2. Your photos are amazing.

    Don’t get frustrated with the job search. It will happen……..its way different out there than it usd to be but you have so much going for you!

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