When I grow up, I wanna be a farmer.

Have I ever told you about my dream to be a farmer? Yes, it is kinda a little peculiar considering I know absolutely nothing about farming. Well, except for my teeny tiny garden in the backyard. And my frequent trips to Gale Woods Farm. My husband knows someone who started a farm with some buddies & they sell their organic eggs & chickens at local coops. And occasionally, a friend or two or three or four (I live in MN, y’allz) will reminisce about their days growing up on the farm. And I am always in awe.

Oh how I wish I was a farmer, yeehaw.

But I don’t want to be any old farmer. I want to be a sheep farmer. I want to have tons of sheep and love them like my little babies and then when the time is right, I want to take all of their wool (but very, very gently, I promise) and spin it and then knit with it. All the while, I want to live in a century old house that I decorate with lots of color and have lots of parties with the locals and go to the farmer’s markets and have retreats at my century old colorful house.
Wait a minute. This kinda sounds like Kristin Nicholas.
Oh My Gawd, Becky, I wanna be Kristin Nicholas.
I am kinda, kinda not, embarrassed about this revelation.
The really, really, really, really cool thing is……..she is coming to Minnesota to teach at the Creative Connection Vogue Knitting Day.
I want to go, but gosh darn, tickets are out of my price range. I might just do a la cart and sign up for one of Kristin’s classes.
Or……perhaps I will win free tickets. (Okay, everyone, cross your fingers!!!)
(((p.s. I washed my custom fit ruffled tablecloth and it shrunk. duh!)))


4 responses to “When I grow up, I wanna be a farmer.

  1. Stopping in to say “hi.” Your mom alerted me! Don’t you love Moms? Hope you win those free tickets!

  2. Oh.MY.GOD!!!! I have the best mother!! This TOTALLY made my day. Thanks for stopping by. I am in full on get on my knees, bow to the idol, just breathe, breathe, breathe mode (I really, truly am a big fan!)

  3. DD…You go girl!!!!!!

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