Well, it hasn’t been another month…

but it’s getting close.

I love Summer. But yet, I don’t. 9 months out of the year (it seems), we sit on our arses in the bitter cold and then bam!, summer comes and every single minute is taken up with everything you want to do before it gets cold again. Camping, going to the beach, going to the pool, having lots of play dates in the back yard, and BBQs with your friends and maybe even your neighbors (if you’re lucky to have some cool ones). And, of course, you have to get painting and such done, because it’s really the only time you can have the windows open for ventilation. I live in Minnesota, people, this is my reality. I am NOT exaggerating. So, yes, I have been busy, busy, busy. And now it’s mid-July and getting closer to Fall. To the start of school. The start of the bitter cold. I guess I see it like my age. I’m 35, but I’m almost 40; too close for comfort.

Anyhoo, so far this summer, I think one of my favorites was my mom visiting. My mother and I – we have a complicated relationship. I’m sure it’s a lot like other mother/daughter relationships. She can be harsh with her criticism. I know she doesn’t mean it most of the time. But she does point out my bushy eyebrows and hairy chin and “mature” skin. My least favorite is when she says I am ‘big boned.’ (Wahh, just say it; you think I am fat.) BUT! BUT! On the other hand, she’s the only person I can go camping with and fart in front of and laugh hysterically. And she’s the only person who has known me from the day I was born so she remembers all of the crazy places I’ve been and the wonderful moments in my life. And we always reminisce. And I always, always tell her just about everything and I can trust her. So, when she came to visit for a few days, she agreed to go camping. I was surprised when she’d said yes. We used to go camping when I was a kid, but she hasn’t been camping in almost 20 years. So, honestly, she gained a little coolness with that yes. Oh mother, ‘one who likes camping.’ In mosquitoville, USA, with a yipper yapper dog and two young kids. It was one of my best experiences ever! Oh. But I do have to say, not once did she say I was big boned this last visit, because guess what y’all, I lost 18 pounds!!! And she made me feel really good. She kept saying I was skinny and that my skin looked the best it ever has. I mean, do you realize how it’s just those little words a daughter wants to hear from her mother? ***I am keeping mental notes of all this for when my daughter gets older.

I had gone camping with just my immediate family the week before I went camping with my mom. And that, too, was a very fun experience. We GeoCached. Have you ever done that? I never had, so it was really fun to give the tools over to the kids and go on an adventure. When we found the location we were looking for, we had to search for the box. In the box, there were trinkets and such. So, it was fun to go home with prizes after our efforts. Also, we went to one of the oldest farms in the area. At one time, it was an alfalfa farm. Too cool. As you probably know, I want to be a farmer. I’m a city slicker with farm girl dreams. But it’s probably never going to happen, so I like to pretend these old farm houses are mine, all mine!
Here are some items from my little farm house:

Here is our tour guide:

Here is an abstract photo of one of the farmer’s tools for harvesting alfalfa:

And here’s my little farm house:

Day 2 of our camping trip, we saw the Reptile show, which was put on by no other than our previous tour guide at the farm house.

That night, we experimented with sparklers and my camera’s shutter speeds:

What else have I been doing?

Berry picking:

Knitting Charlie a sweater (in 100 degree weather.):

Lighting off fireworks for the 4th of July:

Then watching the BIG fireworks in our own backyard:

Had a Lemonade Stand (and made a killing, woot):

And my son turned TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And another decade has gone by so fast, right? Soon, he’ll be in college. They sure do grow up fast. (here he is blocking my pic. He was sick of my paparazzi stalking at his b-day party)

P.S. Here’s a lovely picture of my mother and most of her grandkids.

Whew, a lot, right?

Well, guess what. I have less than 300 mgb left for storage at wordpress. I am considering what will be my next step….posts without pictures? a different site? a different username? or upgrading? Hrm…what shall I do?

Until next time, farewell darlings. And have a great summer! xxoo mommarocks


2 responses to “Well, it hasn’t been another month…

  1. DD

    I admire you so much and appreciate your kind words and constructive criticism.

    I too have been sharing the recent meemory of our terrific time spent together this summer. I wish it had been longer.

    I want you to know DD that I am more & more proud of you and the woman you have become and the journey you have taken, with each passing day.


  2. Love the photos! .. the lemonade stand is adorable… and time with family is both stressful– and treasured. Funny how that works…

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