who’s that hottie?

This is me & my main squeeze in the photo booth (our bedroom, on the mac):

and for good measure (to make up for my last picture in my last post (because I still can’t stop hating it)); me:

Although I still do look a little freakish.

But guess what!!! Good news… I lost 4lbs last week. I am just over the moon about this. I feel like such a fatty lately. Technically, I am overweight. It just isn’t a good feeling. especially when I have muffin top going on. So, I joined Jenny Craig as a desperate measure. And I managed to lose 4lbs my first official week. wooot wooot. If I keep this up, I’ll be at my goal (30lbs) by mid summer. And myabe, just maybe I’ll wear a bikini (nah, kidding!)

But, but! There’s always a but. It’s also hot dog stand season and hot dogs are my favorite. So, I’m going to need all the will power I can muster…

See ya, mommarocks


6 responses to “who’s that hottie?

  1. GO GIRL! Doesn’t it feel good!

    I am officially down 20 lbs! I cannot believe it. I am down 2 pant sizes, and feel great– stick with it!

  2. woot woot, YOU go girl!
    we rock 😉

  3. You totally look skinny already! Go G.

  4. The sweetest couple ever!

    You look terrific…….sweet yet sultry…woot!

    Love ya

  5. Where the heck are you good lookin?


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