be good to yourself!

It is spring. Finally. I should be chipper. But I feel rather dull. I need to be nicer to myself. Tell myself I am pretty and not that wrinkly and anyway who cares if I wasn’t or if I were.

(I am trying to look at this without criticizing myself. Boy, is it hard!!!)

I have a lot of people depending on me to take care of myself. And I feel ashamed that I don’t. I mean, I do, but I could do better.

I need to eat more salad. Drink less soda. Walk more. Learn more.

Once, I had a dream that my deceased aunt Fran came to visit me and she told me that the purpose of life was to learn as much as you could. And really, that makes sense to me.

I really, really need to work on my will power. Just because there are pretzel m&ms right there does not mean I need to eat them. But I want to oh so bad and it hurts my soul to think of me neglecting my favorite candy. Poor pretzel m&ms.

This is my to do list for any normal day:

Do the laundry (or at least think about it).
Give the kids baths.
Make healthy lunches.
Make the beds or change the sheets or something.
Wipe the walls of all the dirty finger prints.
Fold the laundry.
Put away the laundry.
Decide if the older kid gets his allowance.
Drive kids to their extra curricular activities.
Make sure big kid did homework & practiced violin.
Make a healthy breakfast.
Let the kids enjoy some outside play time.
Try not to watch too much TV.
Do not drink soda.Keep the big dog off the furniture.
Keep the little dog from being so stinky.
Do something about the bathroom. Seriously!
Look around the house and see what needs to be done to keep it in tip top shape.
Think about returning the library books. But don’t, because life just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t have a bizillion dollar fine at the library.
Listen to some music.
Have a dance party.
See what is on Oprah.
Work. But not really, it’s preschool.
Volunteer at big kid’s school.
Figure out what you want to do with your life.
Think about what things you want to make & sell.
Give husband kiss when he gets home.
Sit down for dinner.
Redecorate the kitchen?
Paint the basement?
Plan the garden.
I’ve put some new things in my shop. Stop by if you’d like.

Next weekend, I will be at the art a whirl in Minneapolis, selling my wares.

Right now, I am working on a sweater for myself. I am actually making the capped sleeve version and the gauge is bigger so it is more of a springy sweater vest thingy.

Anyway, that’s enough crazy random talk for the day….

xxoo, mommarocks


2 responses to “be good to yourself!

  1. You should be chipper. You are lovely and blessed. Sometimes we just have way too much on our plates especially when we have young kids. I am so glad you your creative outlets to keep in balance with.
    I love you!!!!! Don’t worry so much about the laundry of the finger prints….trust me, they will be there later on, so a few hours or days won’t make that much of a difference unless you have no underwear and then you can always turn your underpants inside out!

    • But it is also ok to be glum…..emotions of all kinds keep us human. somedays are better than others, for sure. It’s funny but when I look at you, I am awed.

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