Hi blog, it’s me.

Remember my New Years Resolution? To blog every Tuesday? Well, I DON’T WANNA. I don’t know why. Maybe I feel too much pressure. Maybe I just want to blog whenever I want to blog. Maybe I like being undependable spontaneous.
Anyway. Which by the way, I’ve had so much time off work lately (between Spring break & then Easter vacay) that I’ve been watching a lot of Ellen and now whenever I think of “anyway,” I think of the credits on Ellen. (it’s her saying for her production company or something like that, don’t quote me.)
So, anyway, I haven’t been working, but I’ve been “working,” meaning I’ve been slaving on the knitting needles and on the sewing machine like a mad woman. My benefit craft show is this coming weekend. Eeek. I still have so much to finish.
Here’s a teaser:

Whew. I hope someone buys at least something from me ๐Ÿ˜‰ (link to event page)
Well, it’s been about two weeks (almost) since I last wrote anything. Here’s what else I’ve been doing:

We got a new hermit crab. And it’s a girl. Her name is Bow. As in Bow in your hair Bow. This hermit crab is tinier, yet more playful, than the other hermit crab. I got her at the Mall of America, of all places!

We went to my niece’s dance performance. (She’s on the far right)

Spotted an upside down rainbow.

It snowed the next day.

Went to the Twins game only to find out it had been canceled (it was so cold and rainy).

Knit some bunnies for the kiddie’s Easter baskets. We didn’t celebrate Passover this year, which made me kinda sad, because I was at DS’s school the other day and there was a Japanese visitor talking about the Atomic Bomb and she had asked if anyone was Jewish and my son said, “meeee.” But, technically, he can’t be, because I’m not. Oh and obviously the Japanese guest was not randomly asking kids if they were Jewish – she had a point, but I don’t want to get into it.

I always get religiously thoughtful around Easter. Y’know, Jesus rising from the dead and all. But it’s weird. I am married to a Jewish man, my mom gave up on her Catholicism, I work at a Lutheran church preschool, and my dad is agnostic. So, I guess it’s kinda cool to get all of these different perspectives. I was talking to my dad on easter and he told me – and I did not know this before – that Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. I mean, isn’t that totally hippified & new ageish? I like it. But please don’t tell me you already knew this!

I used up all of my tax return on a Nook Color (and some really expensive wrinkle creams). And my friend, Kristy, made me a Nook Cover. Awesomeness. I gave her a vintage sheet bag, which I will also be selling at the craft fair this week.

Spring is officially here. Wait, I didn’t say that (might jinx it). We’ve had two whole days of perfect weather. Two days! And so the kids have been outside playing. They got a ball stuck in the lilacs.

And speaking of Lilacs. I was testing out my macro knob on my camera. it works swell catching these tiny buds, wouldn’t ya say?
That’s it, dudes & dudettes. And to my husband; he’s been a little irked about my blog absence. Kinda funny, right? You remember when I deleted my blog? Well, let’s not go there again ๐Ÿ˜‰
Peace out y’allz. I’ll be back when I’m back …. till then… keep on rockin’.


2 responses to “Hi blog, it’s me.

  1. Your crafts are incredible.

    DD I can’t believe it was so cold they cancelled the ballgame.


  2. Nice Life…..Enjoy

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