Totally Cool Wednesday

Tuesdays are busy days. Probably my busiest day. That’s why it’s so cool (Totally Cool Tuesdays), but probably why I sometimes post on wednesdays instead.

Anyhoo, a lot has been going down in my neck of the woods. (besides the friggin snow. argh)

Well, you know… I Have been knitting galore!

I am also working on 10 postcards to be sent around the world to random peeps. I signed up on IHANNA’s blog. She rocks. This will be a fun project. I don’t have pictures yet, but I think I will take these Frida postcards I bought at the Walker Art Center and spruce them up with some vintage lace and maybe crochet edges around them? Or perhaps sew designs? Or cut out random pics and modpodge? Do you have any cool ideas? Check out IHANNA”s blog:

But also…I’ve been preparing for a trip to DISNEY WORLD. Yuppers. Lots of laundry and packing and planning and all that. I’m not going to tell you my exact dates of the trip (I mean, what if one of you are my stalker and you surprise me whilst I am there and well, that would be really, really cool, but really weird, too). But take note that I am on hiatus for a week or two ๐Ÿ˜‰ I promise I’ll bring back lots of good pics. (In fact, more pics of my beautiful mom, too, because we will be visiting with her as well.)

Last night, my ds had his Kung Fu test for the WHITE BELT. He passed. With flying colors. Who knew. I swear, this kid shoulda been signed up for Kung Fu a looong time ago! He lurves it.

While I was taking pics of my ds, my dh was with my dd at her KINDERGARTEN ROUNDUP night. He didn’t get any pictures, the *bleeep*. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (kidding honey) But can you believe she is going to kindergarten in the fall? O…M…G…. I have to hold myself back from having baby fever again. NO MORE DOGS!!!

Speaking of pets….I thought Hercules, the hermit crab, died. My ds came to me yesterday morning saying the hermit crab wasn’t moving and was hanging out of his shell. Well, I went and investigated and confirmed he was dead. Body was lifeless. So, we said a prayer. Then, naturally, I blasted the news on facebook. One of my friends said to make sure he wasn’t molting. Hrm, molting? I decided to just keep the crab in the cage until my dh came home from work. When he went to investigate, he lifted the crab’s shell and out came the body. But no insides were in the body and something pale was moving and inside the shell. Aha! Indeed, Hercules was not dead after all, he was molting! Whoa, I think molting is weirder than being pregnant, don’t you? (I would’ve taken pics for you, but it really is weird and gross and I’m only 99% sure he isn’t dead. So, there’s still that 1% you would’ve been looking at pics of a dead hermit crab and that is just wayyy too disturbing.)

Well, on that note (;)), what do you think is cool, yo?


2 responses to “Totally Cool Wednesday

  1. Hi Stranger!
    I haven’t seen you or commented for a while- and next week I’m all about Totally Cool Tuesdays again…
    *Congrats to son on his Kung Fu! My nephew (he’s about F’s age) loves his karate classes. I think any martial art is so great for discipline/focus,/coordination etc.
    *Kindergarten scares me- I think I’ll be a sobbing mess. Thankfully we still have a year.
    *Hermit Crabs rule. (I want to make an STD joke- about how they’re the best kind of crabs to have- but it would be inappropriate on a family blog.)
    *Would you be interested in knitting me a headband-thing? I would of course compensate you. I think they’re cute.
    Over and out.

  2. Thank you…….

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