Totally Cool Tuesday

We just got home from the Dentist. As we were leaving, dd said, “I love going to the dentist.” Gah, she is so unique and I love her for that. Anyway, no cavities. yeehaw. I was a bit worried there for a minute when my ds was telling me that when he eats or drinks cold or hot, his tooth hurts. Turns out it’s his molars growing in. Aww, he’s growing up!!! And that gray tooth my dd has in the front is finally loosening and the adult tooth isn’t far behind. I feel so bad for her when she draws pictures of herself and she colors her front tooth gray. (Why it’s gray? I am not exactly sure. At some point, she must’ve bumped it and killed it. But she’s none-the-worse because of it. Just a few childhood photos and drawings with a gray tooth ;))

So, no cavities = totally cool.

Also, last week, I never posted the pic from my ds’ Orchestra Performance. Wow, it was brilliant. I really hope he sticks with the violin. There were highschoolers that were there, too, and they were Ahhmaayyyyzzzingg. Music is just such a beautiful, constructive thing to do with your time.
So, here it is:

And one of the best things about having a girly girl is …drum roll…. hair accessories. Today, we went to Claire’s and got her some fake hair clip ins. I know, such frivolous spending, but it’s the photo opps and the good times that make this life (and blog) great, people. 😀

What do you think is totally cool? leave a comment and I’ll stop by.


3 responses to “Totally Cool Tuesday

  1. So cute! When I was young I was roller skating in the house and fell on a tooth. it turned black. a few days later I did the exact same thing and it turned back… the dentist was stumped. LOL. good thing it was a baby tooth!

  2. We have two little boys so I can’t relate to the hair accessories yet though I can’t wait until we have one for that reason. I think my sons’ dance moves are totally cool.

  3. What I think is totally cool is checking into your blog so I can see my dear grandchildren and you……

    Your family is obviously the most important thing in the world to you and they are blessed to have such an inspired, creative and loving mother.


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