Totally Cool Wednesday

You know what would be totally cool?
If we had more than 24 hours in a day. Or if we never had to sleep. Or if we had super powers.
Actually, I do have a super power.
You are going to think it’s funny, but it’s totally real.
I can get really good parking spots.
Every time.
A front row spot.
Drive with me sometime, I’ll show you.
Anyway, it’s been an uber busy week.
DD had her dance photos.

Um, how cute is that?
I’ve been knitting and knitting and more knitting.

I’m preparing for Spring & Summer so I have been knitting lots with cotton. Cotton feels so different on my hands than wool.
Charlie got a haircut.

An expensive haircut I must add.
I went to the doctor on Monday and had a cat scan to figure out what’s the dealio with my chronic sinus infections. Is that TMI? Well, it’s Wednesday and they still haven’t gotten back to me, so I guess that means it’s not a pressing issue. I’m thinking I probably have a deviated septum. If so, I’ll have to get surgery. A nose job. I know my nose is a little quirky, but I like it. So, I don’t know how I’d feel about a nose job.
My dd went to the doctor on Tuesday, because she always complains of a tummy ache. I know it’s something a lot of 5 year olds complain about (I looked it up on the net), but I wanted a professional opinion. Well, for the next two weeks she has to be on a lactose free diet. Do you know how hard just the last two days have been? This kid lives on dairy! Cheese sticks, yogurt, butter, milk, ice cream, chocolate, cheesy broccoli…oy. So, I went to the store to get substitutes. Soy yogurt, soy cheese, almond milk… Did you ever notice how soy cheese doesn’t melt? uck.
Tuesday night, my ds had a poetry open house at his school. It was really cool. They’ve been talking about creative expressions all month, so that was the premier of all their hard work. My ds recited a Silverstein poem on video. It goes like this:
Lazy Jane
He also wrote a few poems, but I don’t know those off hand.
Tomorrow, he has an Orchestra Performance. This kid is a brilliant violinist.
I don’t mind him playing at home. You’d think I’d want to pull my hair out, but I like the feeling of having craziness all around, dinner on the stove, then in our tummies, then the screeching sounds of the violin. I feel like…ahh, this is parenting. This is home. It’s quite unusual, probably. But I feel proud of this little family, my home.
Except when the dogs howl as the violin plays. That part I don’t like.
Anyway, that’s a bunch of coolness right there for ya. What do you think is cool? Comment and I’ll stop by.
Till then….
Here’s a photo of me and my kiddos. (Apparently, I’ve kind of abandoned my 52 weeks of me project. Now, I think I will just try and post a photo of me at least once a week. It’s interesting to see myself on here. I’m usually behind the camera. But I like being in front of it, too.)



4 responses to “Totally Cool Wednesday

  1. What cute pictures! Love Shel Silverstein…. and WOW a violinist? THAT is totally cool!

  2. Yes, you should get in front of the camera more often! It’s awesome that you like seeing yourself and unusual (me too), and love your crazy home. That rocks!

  3. The best years of your life…..

    What up with the dance costume on dd…is this hooochie coochie….!
    just sayin


  4. Lol. Parking super powers would be handy. Love that poem … made me smile when I read “rain”. And I think it’s cool that you’re doing your own thing with getting yourself in photos weekly. I kind of fell off the 52week bandwagon myself for a couple of weeks. Oh well : )

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