Totally Cool Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, y’all.

Today, I went to my son’s school and shared with the class my creative expression; knitting. I have many creative outlets, but the teacher told me that the kids would like to learn about knitting.

Since I just gained experience teaching knitting, I thought why don’t I go the extra and teach the kids to knit, too.

So, I bought 30 pairs of chop sticks and used those as the knitting needles (hey, it was wayyyy cheaper and just as useful. Don’t knock it till you try it.). I cast on about a yard of yarn for each pair.

I was nervous. More nervous than when I taught the adults. I don’t know why. But it ended up being great. I feel so proud. And even a little bit talented. But mostly….TOTALLY COOL!

Here’s a pic of me with the students:

How was your Tuesday? And what do you think is TOTALLY COOL?


2 responses to “Totally Cool Tuesday

  1. Love this! I bet they were thrilled to have you 🙂

  2. Great Idea…one time I showed the class how to sew on a button. My mom gave me the idea. We made large buttons from cardboard and used yarn as thread.

    By the way I love your sidekick!!!!

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