Totally Cool Tuesday (i.e. IKEA rocks)

Yo what up blog homies.

Today, for a moment, I felt uber suburban. I had driven to a ‘play date’ in Minneapolis. Have you ever been to Minneapolis in the winter? Gawd, it’s awful. The roads, I mean. My little sedan was not cutting it; I needed a Jeep or something. The pot holes were out of control. All I could think was, ‘geez. what was the point of getting an alignment on this dang car?’ I mean, if the potholes were just gonna ruin it? So, you can see how I felt uber suburban. I felt spoiled by my suburban streets. Sure we have pot holes, but not like that.

Then, I felt not suburban at all. I feel too real, too down with the homies. The European homies, that is. All of a sudden, I needed to get my IKEA fix on. So I rushed to get to that blue and yellow beauty…

And then! Then, I felt right at home. Because my name was everywhere. “IKEAAAAAA,” I shouted, “you love me as much as I love you, don’t you?” My cart squeaked and I knew. I knew I could never be suburban or city or country; I was simply SWEDISH.

Take a looky look if you don’t believe IKEA loves me.

And since I was feeling uber giddy, I decided to a photo shoot with my dearest daughter and her dear friend.

And since I used window light, I am entering a window light challenge.
and a colorful challenge:

and a sweet shot challenge:
Sweet Shot Day

And since it is Totally Cool Tuesday and I have no idea what happened to my blog buttons —->>>, leave a comment and I’ll stop by your blog to see what you think is Totally Cool!


7 responses to “Totally Cool Tuesday (i.e. IKEA rocks)

  1. Love that little photo shoot! Cute girls being silly… so great.

  2. Jennifer Lavender

    Such sweet smiles. Love it!

  3. Aw. So cute!! Looks like they are having so much fun!

  4. I can’t believe Ikea named some of their stuff Gilda, you really are meant to shop there.

  5. You’re funny. I’m glad you crossed the border and made it into the city. And were able to get home alive.

    Ikea is fun- I might take the girls there tomorrow. I’ll be sure to look for your product line.

  6. IKEA… that’s fun! With some assembly required…

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