Confession & a photo walk.

Confession: I reactivated my facebook. I could live without it, but I didn’t want to. (ah, who am I kidding?) And the weirdest thing? I thought no one cared or noticed, but I guess more than a few peeps thought I unfriended them. And yes, that did cause a bit o drama. I guess facebook is the new email. People were wondering how to get a hold of me if I didn’t have facebook. Uh, email. or by phone. ??? Seriously people, there was once a time when we had to CALL people. Not like I can talk {smak, that is}. I am the worst at calling people. I’d rather email. or facebook. Ha. So, here I am.
Anyway, today the temps rose to FOURTY FIVE today. Woooooohooooooo. Maybe, just maybe, Spring really is just right around the corner.
So, I took my lil man on that Photo Walk. Finally!!!


2 responses to “Confession & a photo walk.

  1. GREAT pictures! We got warm weather here too 🙂 I love me some melting!

  2. Love this collage. I’m ready for so ring any time soon, too.

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